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Tired of guards just casually saying hello to you when you're a wanted criminal? Well, time to address that with this mod.

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Insta Arrest
By: King Feraligatr

Part of the 2018 May Modathon

Mod Description:
Have you ever walked amongst guards on the street as a wanted criminal? Don't you find it awkward that instead of arresting you, they just say hello to you and continue on their way? Well this mod changes that. Instead of a normal (and possibly pleasant) hello, guards will now pull you over and arrest you if you have any bounty if you trigger a "Hello" from them. While I'm aware guards can chase you down and arrest you if you commit a crime around them or have sufficiently high bounty, this mod addresses the awkwardness when they're not doing that and are calmly walking the streets with wanted criminal you.

Due possibilities of incompatibilities, and to allow people to choose the "scope" of this mod, among other things, I have provided three versions:

  • Full Version: Includes all the features of this (admitably small) mod. Guards will pull you over if you have a bounty and correctly arrest you. Also, Ordinators will attack you if they say "Hello" to you and you're wearing an "Ordinator uniform". Finally guards, will attack you if you have a vanilla death warrant amount (5000 gold) and they say "Hello" to you.
  • Normal Version: Same as the full version, excluding the "Hello" dialogues where guards will attack you based on certain conditions.
  • Lite Version: Only has guards pull you over with a "Hello" dialogue. This does not have the "Greeting" dialogues to make normal guard arrests less awkward when they pull you over, so guards will arrest you with the "You turned yourself in" dialogues.

There are also versions with a 500 gold bounty threshold before having a guard "Hello" arrest you. This is to answer requests I've been getting from people who want a different (and probably saner) arrest threshold than 1 gold.

The way this mod works is by adding a high priority "voiced" Hello filtered for the "Guard" class and your crime level being greater than or equal to 1. The dialogue results then forcegreet you and let the arrest Greetings take over from there. The Full and Normal versions also include Greetings to make normal guard arrests (as in arrests that are not specialized like the Skaal) less awkward. These Greetings are triggered via a global that is set in the dialogue results of my Hello arrest. Said global is quickly reset via a script that is also run from said dialogue results, but given enough time so the appropriate Greetings can be used. Without the Greetings I added, guards would awkwardly arrest you with the "you turned yourself in" dialogue. This obviously makes no sense as the guard is arresting YOU. I cannot seem to use the normal dialogue when a guard arrests you, as that is filtered for them being "Alarmed", a state I cannot easily force, if at all (and I consider complex ways to force the alarm state outside the scope of the mod).

As stated, the mod uses "voiced" Hellos get the states it wants. None of the dialogue is actually voiced though. While I consider the forcegreeting Hello of all versions fine because of how short it is and how fast in leads into normal dialogue, the other Hellos might not be as fine, especially as they don't lead into normal dialogue. If this irks you, I recommend using the Normal version of the mod for the least awkwardness with Hellos and Greetings. Also, the Hellos are really high in priority (almost at the top of the list). This is done so they "defeat" all other Hellos a guard might use against you. However, they're still below the werewolf Hello and the nohello Hello (........).

Installation/Playing the Mod:
Download the mod folder, put the .esp you want to use in your Data Files folder, and activate the .esp in the mod organizer of your choice. Then launch the game. It's really simple and no different from playing many other mods.

Only requirements are Morrowind, Tribunal, Bloodmoon. I require the expansions so they can "defeat" voiced greetings introduced in the expansions and also for compatibility with said expansions.

Either delete your chosen .esp or deactivate it in your preferred mod organizer. It's quite the same as uninstalling many other mods.

Bethesda for developing the game in the first place.
You, the user, for playing the mod or just reading here in the readme. :)

You are free to use this mod any way you like. You are also free to upload it anywhere you like. All I ask is that you credit me.

If you think anything else should be included in this mod, tell me and I might consider adding it in a later version.