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  1. SuperQuail
    • supporter
    • 388 posts
    • 17 kudos
    Fantastic mod. Seeing as it uses the mod config menu are you considering adding any more optional features?
    For example: hide the new status effect icon, increase/decrease cooldown to personal tastes? Just really minor things.
    Thanks anyway =)
    1. waterwaterfart
      • member
      • 22 posts
      • 0 kudos
      This would be nice ^^
  2. gh0stwizard
    • supporter
    • 284 posts
    • 32 kudos
    Just an idea if the mod is still supported: do like it done in Fo4 on Survival -- 4rd and next doses kill the player =)
  3. Dadinjo
    • member
    • 51 posts
    • 0 kudos
    Similiar to Antiwithcer mod this does not alow drinking potions through hotkeys.
  4. Archimag
    • member
    • 89 posts
    • 9 kudos
    Thanks for the mod! But alchemy is still cheating even with both modules.

    Can you add a new module, please?

    1) IF a Player drinks a potion or eats ingredients THEN forbid him to eat and drink for X seconds AND Set TIMER to (TIMER + Y)
    2) Every second (if the player is not in menu mode), the TIMER decreases by 1. TIMER cannot be below zero.
    3) IF TIMER > Z, THEN forbid the player to drink and eat.

    Default settings:
    X = 5
    Y = 50
    Z = 100

    By changing these values through .txt, the player can configure the mod as he wants
  5. harimau93
    • member
    • 2,307 posts
    • 14 kudos
    sorry if this bothering you, but how do I access the mod configuration menu? I had all the requirements mod & such. but I don't see it elsewhere? is there a hotkey for it though?
    1. NullCascade
      • premium
      • 115 posts
      • 79 kudos
      It will show up on your main menu (escape) if you have a newer version of MWSE and a supporting mod installed.
  6. Morthrug
    • member
    • 425 posts
    • 19 kudos
    Cool, but doesn't work nice with Poison Crafting. Seems silly you cannot drink a potion and then have a 5 seconds cooldown.. before you can poison your weapon.
    1. SpaceDevo
      • member
      • 1,969 posts
      • 78 kudos
      Well it would take a few seconds to finish drinking a potion, reach for the poison bottle, open it and smear it on your weapon.

      But this is coming from someone who favors cooldowns for all item types.
  7. Greatness7
    • member
    • 103 posts
    • 50 kudos
    I've been wanting this for so long. Thank you.
    1. Danae123
      • supporter
      • 737 posts
      • 89 kudos
      G7 dreams it, Null makes it~