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This is a tutorial aimed at absolute beginners with the object of teaching you how to make assets for the game(s).

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Modelling for Morrowind with RubberMan

This is my entry for the May Modathon Month 2018

This is a tutorial aimed at absolute beginners with the object of teaching you how to make assets (new models) for the game(s). It is an extension of my tutorials on my personal blog (not meant for children) and includes several video links (by me) to youtube for further clarification.

It contains a text based explanation of almost every action required with step-by-step picture examples.

Ever opened Blender, 3DS Max or even Maya, spent 20 seconds starring at the screen and then closing it for ever? If so. This is for you.

All download links are provided for everything you will need to get started. The texture, Wings model, Collada Model and Nif of your end product are also included.

What do you learn?

How to model a simple house, how to UV map the model, how to add shading to the model
How to size your model for the game, how to export your model correctly.
How to translate your model in Blender.
How to finish your model in Nifskope.
How to add your model to the Construction Set.

The true and sneaky object here is an attempt to encourage more people to "have a go".

I will be supporting this tutorial on a regular basis on my blog with many other tips, tricks, video's and examples and I am open to requests (please leave those on my blog)

If you like this tutorial and get the modelling bug then please tell others. Pass it on. Upload it wherever you like. The more Morrowind modders out there the better for us all!!

If you do manage to complete this tutorial I would love to see your end results!! Feel free to post your pics on my blog (somewhere sensible please!)

Enjoy, good luck and most of all. Keep on modding! Morrowind will never die.