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This simple quest mod lets you become the new King (or Queen or Monarch) of Morrowind.

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Did you ever feel that the rewards for completing the Main Quest and doing the rest of those good deeds in Morrowind were not rewarded properly? Then this small lore breaking mod is for you. After both Dagoth ur and Almalexia are dead, talk with the new Dunmer knight at the Royal palace, and start your quest for usurping the throne.


- Gain the support of the Empire by controlling its legions and swearing fealty to the Emperor
- Gain the support of the three Great Houses through promises and bribes
- Challenge King Helseth to a duel for rulership
- Enjoy your new status, and the praise of your subjects (new dialogue)
- Unique dialogue for Barenziah, Ravani Llethan (King Llethan's widow) Gavas Drin and Plitinius Mero.
- A walkthrough is included in the folder, in case you have trouble. (I think that the quest is pretty straightforward, but just in case.)

What is new in version 1.1?

- Fixed a bug in which Helseth's dialogue for challenging him to a duel wouldn't trigger
- Gender-neutral version of the mod (people would address you as "monarch," and the Legion captain as "commander") is available now, along with the original male (people address you as "king" and the Legion captain as "sir") and female (people address you as "queen," Legion captain as "madam") versions. 

So if you play a male character, you have "Long live the King" active, if you have a female character you have "Long live the Queen" active, if you have a character that cannot be defined by these binary terms then you use "Long live the Monarch." But never use more than one of the mods together!


- Morrowind and Tribunal


-7zip is required for opening the folder. Put its contents into your "Data Files'" folder.