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___,---.__ /'|`\ __,---,___
,-' \` `-.____,-' | `-.____,-' // `-.
,' | ~'\ /`~ | `.
/ ___// `. ,' , , \___ \
| ,-' `-.__ _ | , __,-' `-. |
| / /\_ ` . | , _/\ \ |
\ | \ \`-.___ \ | / ___,-'/ / | /
\ \ | `._ `\\ | //' _,' | / /
`-.\ /' _ `---'' , . ``---' _ `\ /,-'
`` / \ ,='/ \`=. / \ ''
|__ /|\_,--.,-.--,--._/|\ __|
/ `./ \\`\ | | | /,//' \,' \
/ / ||--+--|--+-/-| \ \
| | /'\_\_\ | /_/_/`\ | |
\ \__, \_ `~' _/ .__/ /
`-._,-' `-._______,-' `-._,-'

Guide to Roscrea/Loknarr Worlds


Roscrea has two main quests in one you are the destroyer allied with a nighthag. In the other you are a defender of the forest allied with the gnomes.


Nefgeirrian Ice Flow.(must be completed in order to finish either main quest) to Fort Frostmoth and take the boat to Nefgeirr. Then make your way to the worm tunnels. Find the ruins of Saleth and speak with Issel. Free her then return to Fort Frostmoth and take the boat to Roscrea.

Defender of the forest.(good quest)

1. find Gad in Fjallarr Forest. He will ask you to locate a lost gem located in Tanaria.
2. after Gad will ask you to find a bear cub lost in Fjallarr Forest and cast a spell on it. Then lead it back to the village.
3. after Gad will ask you to locate a lost gnome named Tok. He is being held captive by three trolls that only appear at night on Halfburinn Mountain. Rescue him and return him to the village.
4. after Gad will ask you to locate a sick wolf pup found in a Wolf Den on the northern coast. Heal it and return to the village.
5. after (only if you completed Nefgeirrian Ice Flow and saved all the animals) Gad will tell you the goblin Olgurd is looking for you.
6. Locate Olgurd and save her from the two ethereal minions.
7. She will ask you to kill Issel in her lair in Kelldor Isle.
8. After you kill Issel she will ask you to locate a gnome translator in the village.
9. After you locate the translator you will ask squirrels if they know the god Lus.
10. Lus will speak with you and grant you a gift. END

The Destroyer. (evil quest)

1. Find Issel in her lair on Kelldor Isle. (only if you completed Nefgeirrian Ice Flow)
2. She will ask you to kill the goblin Olgurd in Eurynomile. Kill her then return to Issel.
3. After she will ask you to travel to Fort Greymoth and locate the loknarr.
4. After she will ask you to travel to Naddr and use the Loknarr at Vangrjót to locate the Necronomicon
5. After she will ask you to use the Necronomicon in Sigmarr's longhouse.
6. Destroy Sigmarr.(this will kill all the nords and sever their questlines)
7. After she will ask you to use the Necronomicon at Fort Greymoth to summon an ethereal army to march upon Vestri's Greathall.
8. Destroy Vestri (this will kill all the nords and sever their questlines)
9. After she will ask you to travel to Corraennius then find Naddr, western tunnels where the severed heads of the grey sisters are located.Then use the loknarr's green portal and travel to the ethereal realm.
10. Uggae grants you a special gift. END


1. Queen Yalathanil of Nieninquea asks you to travel to Yaaraekaivo Burial Caverns in Kelldor Isle and offer a worg pelt to the spirits of the Dai-ali.
2.after speaking with the spirits the give you an amulet named Eye of Arthos. Take it to Elhieardacil near Lake Valbrandur and use it on the pillar inside.
3. defeat the daedra in the palace.
4. After the drake outside will take you back to Nieninquea to speak with the queen.
5. She will send her scribe to Heleaegithil's throne room.
6. you can use the scibe to puchase different parts of the city using Raw Crystal. Which can be found all over Roscrea.(you must leave Heleagithil and wait 3 days before the new section appears.)(trade house will be empty until you build the residential section.)
7. If you are the Arch-mage. Then the mages guild will ask you to set up travel with the mainland.


1. The king will ask you to locate a lost masthead.
2. A skull located in Hegvaldr Barrow is guarding the masthead and demands his eyes before you can retreive it.
3. KvígR in his house in Vestri and has the skulls eyes.
4. After you return with the eyes the skull lets you retreive the masthead and you return it to the king.
5. A viking funeral.
6. After the king has you investigate rumors of dragoncult in Skapti.(entrance appears to the southwest of vestri after funeral)
7. You locate and kill the dragoncult and a dragon.
8. The king rewards you with a festival.
9. During the festival Hiallkárr will ask you to locate his missing daughter Kristin.
10. Kristin is on top of Naddoddr Ice Shelf about to be sacraficed to a dragon.
11. save or let her die either way the dragon will appear in Vestri.
12. slay the dragon. Speak with the king for your reward. END


1. Cheif needs a troll hunter.
1. Oda needs help finding her sister.
1. Taenaran needs a guide to Halfburinn Mountain.


1. The king needs help locating a special ore from Dhozmorlug a dwarven mine in Halfburinn Mountain.


1. Taanyth needs help locating his lost books.

Hafsteinn Coast.

1. Kull is searching for his lost spearhead that was swallowed by a giant shark in Askr Bay.

Askr Bay.

1. A ghostship appears at midnight. if you step upon it (not while levitating) you will be teleported to Coldharbour.
1. A cabin lies locked. The key has a 50% chance of being found on any cannibal in the wilderness.


Insect World.
1. A dryder needs help slaying the queen of the Formions.

Future Mournhold

Strom/Queen's Militia.

1. Strom needs runners. You can find him in Strom's Flop House in Redmon Barrens.
2. you need 10 successful strom quests then you will be offered a chance to join the Queen's Militia.
3. you need 30 successful Queen's Militia quests to start final quest.
4. Final quest starts with being asked to kill the orc gang.
5. After you are asked to deliver a note to Adrian in Adrian's Palace.
6. After you will travel to Poco and wait on the central bridge till noon. Then the final battle begins.
7. After the queen rewards your efforts with the highest rank.


1. buy the magkey from Ares Weapons.
2. Enter Mitsuhama and Speak with M-89. he will ask you to retrieve a disc from Shiawase.
3. Travel to Shiawase and speak with unit 101. he will ask you to retrieve the head of a 101 unit lost in the sigma facility.
4. retreive the head and return it to Shiawase.
5. they will trade for the disc.
6. return the disc to Mitsuhama and they will offer you a job.
7. Take the job and make fast gold on the matrix.


1. download the virus using any disc labled abracadabra and run the program.
2. ask any mitsuhama employee about maleware.
3. travel to Mole Hole in Neon City then speak with Mole about R-bit.
4. He will tell you to check on his watchman who has been tracking R-bit in Redmon Barrens.
5. Travel to Redmon Barrens and speak with syphon or just head to the pump room.
6. Kill R-bit in the pump room and take his magkey.
7. Take the disc found in R-bit's lair labled the key back to Mole.
8. after 24 hours mole will have the antivirus ready. Take it back to your console and clean it out.


1. Roscrea world map broken unless you run morrowind through OpenMW.
2. Certain quests will not reset journal entries on saved games unless you exit and restart marrowind.
3. some summoning item's have no limit.( too many minions slows the console )
4. Guns may have occasional bugged sound.( when to many are active )