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Fixed version of LDones beautiful Nighttime Door Locks mod that wasn't here on Nexus. Does what it says.

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I am not the author of this mod. I'm uploading the fixed version (as well as compatibility version for Patch for Purists) here so people can enjoy it. In readme LDones wrote that "Feel free to do with this mod, in whole or in part, whatever you see fit, provided that credit is given where credit is due" - I give him and Rasputin the whole big credit. You guys are awesome! Hopefully someday I will cover the expansions and doors you guys missed.

Original ReadMe:

NighttimeDoorLocks-LD v1.1a
Released 6/19/03
By LDones
Based on a mod originally created by Rasputin (From Mega Morrowind)
[email protected]
  I.   Background
  II.  Installation
  III. Playing the Plug-In
  IV.  Complete Listing of Changes
  V.   Version History
  VI.  Misc. Notes & Additional Credits
NighttimeDoorLocks-LD v1.1a

Citizens and Shopkeepers across Vvardenfell will now lock
their doors at night.  From 9pm to 8am, houses and shops in
every city on the island are closed.  (Inns, Guild Halls,
certain Tradehouses, and other appropriate buildings will
remain unlocked through nighttime hours)

Makes wandering the nights of Vvardenfell feel a bit more
appropriately lonely & spooky.  This also means that Thieves 
and Stealth-oriented characters now have a self-replenishing 
source of locks to practice their picking skills on.

I highly recommend the following mods for use w/
NighttimeDoorLocks-LD :
Thief Experience Overhaul 1.3b
Addresses a number of imbalances in the way 
thief-oriented systems were implemented in-game.  
Improves Lockpicking, the Traps system, and adds 
Stealth/Sneaking enhancements.
1. Unzip the contents of this ZIP file into your
   Morrowind/Data Files directory.
2. Start the game.  At the splash screen menu, 
   select "Data Files" and select/double-click 
   'NighttimeDoorLocks-LD 1.1.esp'.
3. You're ready to go.  Play the game.  

Dungeom edit: I've included compatibility version for Patch for Purists to avoid little conflict in Gnisis, Tansumiran Cave Dwelling. If you use Patch for Purists just use ESP from compatibility folder instead of main ESP.
III. Playing the Plug-In
Play as normal, though shops and residencies in all the 
major cities will now be closed at night.

Lock levels on doors range from 15 - 65:
- Shacks and lower-income houses have locks from 15-25.  
- Redoran and Hlaalu structures have locks from 20-40.  
- Telvanni structures have locks from 45-65.

See the accompanying document titled 'NighttimeDoorLocks
Notes.doc' for a full list of effected and un-effected

The majority of the cantons of Vivec and all of Molag Mar 
have remained untouched - They're lonely enough, as is, this 
gives them a 24-hour accessibility bonus for visiting them.  
Certain Manors in the wilds of Vvardenfell have remained 
untouched.  Currently the mod does not effect Mournhold or 
any Tribunal areas, though this will be forthcoming.

Any door that was already locked in game was untouched 
(or if it was swapped out with a new door, the lock level
was set normally and identically to its original state)

Note: Currently picking the locks and entering the buildings 
during nighttime hours will not alarm the inhabitants - 
There will likely be a future version of this mod that implements 
a system of some sort to do just this - though possibly not. :)
Adds 20 scripts for Nighttime Door Locks (from 5-100 Lock Level)

Swaps out over 300 doors in-game, in all the major 
cities/settlements with unique counterparts
Scripts attached to these doors in-game for DoorLock effects

-Does NOT change Door object ID's 
Merely swaps out original door with new unique one
Each effected door in-game now has a unique ID
-Does NOT change the data for any existing Door objects
-Any door with an existing script attached to it was left alone.

This Mod is CLEAN, as far as I can tell.

A few references may have been accidentally included, but
they change no info from the default game and should not
cause any problem or change with the existing game.

Dungeom edit: yeah, yeah, I've cleaned the mod.
V. Verison History
3/12/18 - 1.1b (Dungeom)

- Fixed Ald'ruhn Manor District Bug, where you got stuck in the rope railing next to the wooden walkway

Some tradehouses, inns and clubs were unlocked (they won't close their doors at night), since it was strange to lock them in the first place, and also for compatibility, since you can rent rooms there with mods like Publicans, Beds for Rent etc.

- Unlocked Ald'ruhn, Council Club (DOOR _Ald-Ruhn20)
- Unlocked Khuul, Thongar's Tradehouse (DOOR _Khuul07)
- Unlocked Seyda Neen, Arrille's Tradehouse (DOOR _Seyda08)
- Unlocked Suran, Suran Tradehouse (DOOR _Suran11 & DOOR _Suran20)
- Unlocked Tel Aruhn, Plot and Plaster (DOOR _TelAruhn02)

Some guild houses also been unlocked, namely Hlaalu (Telvanni and Redoran main houses are open, so why not Hlaalu), Thieves Guild and Camonna Tong

- Unlocked Balmora, Hlaalu Council Manor (DOOR _Balmora45 & DOOR _Balmora46). Side door to the 2nd floor is still closed (there was no script on it, it locks once)
- Unlocked Gnaar Mok, Druegh-Jigger's Rest (DOOR _GnaarMok05 & DOOR _GnaarMok06). Basically a Thieves Guild house
- Unlocked Gnaar Mok, Nadene Rotheran's Shack (DOOR _GnaarMok10 & DOOR _GnaarMok11). It's a secret Camonna Tong house, basically a Guild
- Unlocked Sadrith Mora, Nevrila Areloth's House (DOOR _SadrithMora10). It's a secret Camonna Tong house, basically a Guild

In Balmora, doors of Caius Cosades' House and Fast Eddie's House remain unlocked (LDones probably didn't lock them due to the Main Quest), as well as Greidil Half-Troll's House side entrance in Dagon Fel. Yeah, that girl with barricades. I felt like leaving her doors alone if she likes it that way.

- I've also added compatibility version for those of you who use Patch for Purists to avoid little conflict with Tansumiran Cave Dwelling in Gnisis (PfP fixes entrance location and door from this mod needed to be moved accordingly).

- Cleaned with TES3cmd

6/19/03 - 1.1a AGAIN
-The released file for 1.1a essentially broke the mod. :( So I re-did the fix in a more proper way and now it's working again. <sigh>

6/13/03 - 1.1a
- Fixed a big problem with cell orientation in the Ald-Ruhn, Manor District. (Thanks to PumaMan for pointing this one out)

3/18/03 - 1.1
- Added locking doors to Vivec, St. Olms Canton
- Added locking doors to Vivec, St. Delyn Canton
- Added locking doors to Arvel Plantation
- Fixed a problem where certain locking doors wouldn't unlock themselves.
- Corrected error with Shenk's Shovel in Caldera closing at night.
- Corrected error with Rithleen's House in Balmora being hard-locked.

1/12/03 - 1.0
Initial release.
VI. Misc. Notes & Additional Credits
Insane Thanks to:
Rasputin, of Mega Morrowind fame, for creating the mod this one is based on, and for allowing me to release my tweaked version of his wonderful work.
Special Thanks to:
-GhanBuriGhan for his never-ending work on explaining scripting to the masses.
-Wakim, Horatio, intelligentsia, PumaMan, Proudfoot, Lady Eternity, Rhedd, Allerleirauh, Caladan Brood, Brother Juniper, [email protected], The Other Felix, Sheikizza, Jeremy, TheLys, Duncann, and everyone else who makes modding Morrowind into an artform, keeping imaginations going, and keeping us all waiting for the Next Big Thing.
-TheLys, the boys @ Morrowind Summit, everyone @, and everyone else who so openly offers their resources to support the modders and the Morrowind community.
-Qwert, Hellbishop, and everyone else who lends so much energy and support on the Official Elder Scrolls Forums.
-And of course to Bethesda Softworks, for capturing the imaginations of so many gamers.
Feel free to do with this mod, in whole or in part, whatever you see fit, provided that credit is given where credit is due.