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Fixed version of Grumpy's amazing NPC Schedule mod that wasn't here on Nexus or mw.modhistory for some reason.

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I am not the author of this mod. I'm uploading the fixed version here so people can enjoy it and it won't be gone forever. In his readme Grumpy wrote that he considers this "modders resource" or template material and if we wish to expand on it we are free to do so. So here I am, expanding a bit. Hopefully soon I will cover the expansions and several NPCs that Grumpy missed.

Original NPC Schedule (Beta) ReadMe:

This is a fairly simple mod that basically disables NPCs at various times of the day (mostly night).

Ambiance only.  Don't confuse this with the "Living Cities of Vardenfall" mod.  It is nowhere near as extensive in scope as that mod is.  Difference is that LCoV was never completed (about half the towns were done and several of the Vivec cantons) while this mod encompasses all towns and a all Vivec cantons (plazas and waistworks only).

This mod affects 56 cells on the main island of Morrowind.  No NPCs are directly affected (no scripting on the NPCs themselves).  The scheduling is accomplised via activators placed in the appropriate cells, so this mod should be safe to remove from a save if you don't care for it.

I did add a few extra guards to watch over the tables of the exterior vendors while they are disabled.  They are scheduled to appear when the vendors are disabled, and disable when the vendors are enabled.

Mod should schedule all exterior NPCs on the main island in towns and cities, and also interior NPCs in the Vivec cantons only.  I didn't do any of the "walkers" around the Daedric shrines, nor any around the (whatever) stronghold places.  House strongholds are not affected either.  There are also two couples that are mearly disabled after the completion of their associated quests.  One couple outside of Ald-ruhn, and another couple south of Ald Velothi.  There were a couple of NPCs that I didn't schedule due to quest involvement.  Work-arounds seemed too complicated, so you'll just have to suffer through those... :)

This mod uses LOS (Line Of Sight) to disable the NPCs.  CellChanged seemed to me to not work well here under certain circumstances, so on occasion you will see NPCs when they should be disabled, but they will then disable as soon as you loose LOS on them.

Did cursory testing only on this due to it's scope.  Same script is used throughout the mod though, so if it works in one cell, it should work in all.

Had a fellow by the name of "harborgolfer" who said he probably wouldn't care for something like this if it sapped his frame rate too bad (already had a lot of mods loaded).  He did a test on an earlier version and noted no appreciable fps drop.  Same thing I've seen.

I strongly recommend that you download and use LDones "Nighttime Door Locks-LD 1.1a" to enhance the effect.  Get it here:

Dungeom edit: I've uploaded the fixed version of Nighttime Door Locks 1.1b here on Nexus ->


I'll consider this "modders resource" or template material.  If you wish to expand on this or completely redo it, feel free... but be very aware this is TOTALLY tedious stuff...  Hopefully the "leg work" has been completed here for someone else to expand on.

Would mention that Max_aka_Nobody has created an excellent tool for scheduleing that makes it pretty much a no-brainer (no scripting knowledge necessary).  You can find that here:
(requires VB6 runtime files)
See thread here for details:


Unzip to your "C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Morrowind\Data Files" folder and then enable on the Morrowind launcer splash screen.  Hand placement of the single file is acceptable as well.
Beta for a reason...

If you see any glaring, major errors, please contact me at the Bethesda offical forums (PM), or email me at [email protected].

Probably won't do any upgrades of this as the sheer boredom this mod has caused in me has...  Well...  Let's just say there aren't going to be any upgrades unless major errors are reported (then I'll be about as likely to pull it as fix it...).

Most boring mod I've ever done...


December 15 2005 (Beta2)

A minor update has been made by TESPIS.

Previously, the time schedule for Fargoth made it almost impossible for you to do the initial ring-quest in Seyda Neen. 
In this version it has been fixed. 

Thank you Tespis for taking the time to do this update!


March 11 2017 (Beta3)

A minor update has been made by Dungeom.

- fixed 1gr_WolverineHall_Script (it was missing "short counter"), so there is no longer an error when you enter Wolverine Hall exterior.
- Seldus Nerendus (caravaner of silt strider in Khuul) will no longer go to sleep (all other caravaners or shipmasters do not sleep).
- Added schedule to Junal-Lei in Pelagiad. He goes to sleep after 22pm and wakes up at 6am.
- Added schedule to Braynas Hlervu in Ald-Ruhn. He goes to sleep after 20pm and wakes up at 8am.
- Added schedule to Falso Sadrys in Vivec, St. Olms Plaza. He goes to sleep after 20pm and wakes up at 8am.
- There was 2 Girvani Sedas in the script, fixed. 

Possible Conflicts:

There can be a slight issue with Script Improvements mod (that is also included with Patch for Purists as of 2.9.3), namely with voduniusScript, that can result in CTD in Seyda Neen. It is safe to delete that script from Script Improvements (using Enchanted Editor, for example -> since that script doesn't do much anyway, and the game works just fine without it. I have encountered no bugs with Vodunius Nuccius and his quest with vanilla script.

This mod was cleaned using TES3cmd


I also want to add that exterior NPCs (except guards ofc) will be disabled in a bad weather too. It looks like Grumpy forgot to mention that in his ReadMe (or I can't find it), so don't freak out if you will see almost empty Ald-Ruhn during ash storms or lonely Balmora during never-ending rain season. It's working as intended.


If I won't be busy and lazy enough I will finish this mod some time soon (there a couple of NPCs that Grumpy missed, like in Vivec Canalworks, and some quest NPC that appear in the zone later). There is no schedules for Mournhold or Solstheim NPCs but I'm planning to do that too.