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Vanilla-friendly CharGen mod.

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Since I couldn't find a CharGen mod that suited me, I made my own. I wanted a vanilla-friendly improvement, with more detailing and more logic to the interior design, while not changing too much for mod compatibility.

What this mod does:
- Change the Imperial Prison Ship into a proper prison ship where people live on: proper prisoncells with more prisoners, enough crew to man a prison ship, an interior that actually makes sense.
- Add detailing to the Census & Excise Office.
- No more cheating your way to a free Limeware platter: If you violate the law while you're still not released and the guards see you, you are going to die.
- The guards that you have to follow are now walking faster. No more getting stuck behind guards on their evening stroll. An attempt was made to lead the guard that escorts you on the ship around the corridor at the staircase. The NPC would notouriously get stuck in this place.

What this mod doesn't do:
- Change the CharGen process: everything from "Stand up, there you go..." up until you get to meet Fargoth is unchanged.
- Change the interior layout of the Census & Excise Office.
- Remove any of the tutorial tooltips: every good game has a tutorial for the basics.
- Provide freebies or shortcuts: except for some added silverware, there's not much extra loot for you to scavenge. (And stealing when they see you is a big no-go anyways now)

This is made entirely out of personal taste, but I share it to everyone who likes it. The mod comes as is.

RR Mod Series - Better Ships and Boats (The mod is still usable without, but small clipping errors will be visible here and there.)