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Permanently Summon Daedra to do your bidding! Lore friendly, no new creatures, locations or NPCs.

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This mod allows mages to summon permanent Daedra companions via Sigil Stones. It is completely lore- and gameplay-friendly. 
Many other mods accomplish this same thing, but they tend to add additional creatures, unbalanced abilities, 
or new locations that "stand out" too much from the base game. This mod uses all vanilla assets and systems to accomplish a similar task.

Simply extract RoyalSummons.esp into your \Morrowind\Data Files\ Folder, and check the plugin in the startup menu.
RECOMMENDED: Skill Uncapper, either MCP's or Madd Leveller's. Conjuring high level creatures requires high skill to pull off consistently.

===Playing the Mod===
Acquiring a Sigil Stone requires a short quest that can be redone many times to achieve multiple types of Sigil Stones. The quest grants
the player a default Sigil Stone, which can be used to summon the three Atronachs (Fire, Frost, Shock). However, by taking the default Stone to 
a Daedric Shrine, the player can, after completing each Daedra's quest, inscribe that Daedra's symbol into the Stone to summon new types of creatures.
Inscribing a Stone is irreversible, but multiple Stones can be acquired and each inscribed with different Daedra. The Daedra and their Princes are:

Azura: Winged Twilight
Boethiah: Hunger
Mehrunes Dagon: Scamp, Clannfear and Dremora
Molag Bal: Daedroth
Sheogorath: Golden Saint

Summons are permanent, and Sigil Stones can be reused indefinitely. However, each attempt at summoning costs sizeable amounts of Magicka, and has a chance to fail based on 
your Conjuration skill. Magicka Costs and Failure Rates both increase for more powerful Daedra, with Scamp being the easiest and Golden Saints being the hardest.

===Full Walkthrough===
View the Readme for a full walkthrough.

Discord user Greatness7 for intense scripting help
r/teslore for lore-checking