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This page contains asset packages that I will have made through the course of time of my modding misadventures for public use.

Permissions and credits
Hello reader, this page is where I will release packages of the stuff I have made and will make as I mod through the years for fellow modders to use in their own work should they choose to.  

V 1.0

Dwemer Fembot

This is a robot from Tamriel Rebuilt that I modified to look like a woman for Team Horny Skull's quest mod The Wizard of Tel Branora - A Love Story.  There's still a good bit of comedic opportunity left with this if anyone's brave or if you just want to diversify your dungeon baddies or something.  Set it to biped in the cs.

Cannibal Kit

This is a basic cannibal kit that I made for Team Horny Skull's future Namira quest mod which will involve a group of cannibals.  The idea is that one of them is a carpenter of sorts who takes the remains of dinner and attaches it to their furniture.  Influenced and based heavily on the props in Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  Recommended to be used with things that involve cannibals or necromancers, naturally.


- A blood covered bedroll
- 17 beds (3 double, 7 bunk, 7 single)
- A bench
- 2 chairs
- a chandelier (with a _l version for high ceilings)
- a closet
- a desk
- a wall shelf with a blood stained variant
- a bookshelf with a blood stained variant
- a table with a blood stained variant
- a skin post with a blood stained variant

V 1.1

Body Parts Kit

This is a pack of 176 detached limbs I made for the 8 playable humanoid races, using better bodies.  Warning:  Better Bodies's textures are NOT included in the pack, you must have the bb folder installed in your textures from their page.  This will NOT conflict with the player's body textures as long as they do not activate the esp.  Whether the female chest piece will be nude or not will depend on which texture set the player chooses to install.  Use these limbs to spice up your dungeons or make some kind of gibs mod, either way enjoy.


Yes I used resources to make resources.  It is an incomplete circle of life.  

The Outlander Library by London Rook 
Tamriel Data by Tamriel Rebuilt & Project Tamriel Teams 
de_p Flat Resource_3.0 by Melchior Dahrk 
Better Bodies by Psychodog Studios

If you're browsing this for stuff to use then you know the drill no permission needed just give credit where credit is due.  Assets made with nifskope and blender.