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Accompany a sentient Dwemer Automatron is his quest to find a heart.

Permissions and credits
The Wizard of Tel Branora: A Love Story
A Dwemer mage mod by Team Horny Skulls

- Dysfunctional Dwemer Automatron


This mod was created for the Morrowind Modding Madness competition 2017.

A sentient Dwemer Autamatron in Mzahnch's Lower Level, created precisely as described from Waughin Jarth's in-depth thesis - '32 Lessons of Dwemer', has found himself in a creative situation, where he must learn the value and struggle of keeping a heart. This idea should appeal to all audiences in this modern age, as it plays on the abstract idea of love and how it can be both painful and desirable. Despite this, this mod does not stray from the rich in-game lore. Instead it expands upon it in a friendly and interesting way, with the theme of CHIM as a use of total justification and expansion into the game's reality. You have never played anything quite as extraordinary and in-depth as this.


- An abstract storyline that only intellectual individuals will understand.

- A truthfully nihilistic viewpoint of love and desire.

- An elaborate protagonist with rich vanilla-friendly lore.

- Several comedic-relief lines that stay true to the story's context and immersion.

Requirements & Compatibility

This mod, although far more in-depth and extraordinary than all other mods out there, was still built with compatibility in mind and with minimal requirements. To play this mod, you will need Tribunal and Bloodmoon. This mod is compatible with mostly everything out there, as it only touches "Aleft", "Mzahnch", and "Mudan Grotto".  It will not be compatible with anything that touches these.


- Any negative criticism will be responded to with "you don't know your lore" comments and highly intellectual insults, so do not try it, plebs!

- To expand on the previous point, if you are one of the few people that do not believe this to be lore friendly then you have no capability to understand such abstract existential ideas (such as CHIM) that are included in The Elder Scrolls universe, and that is a fault with you, NOT this mod.

- The humour in this is not meant to be laughed at, it is meant to represent ideas greater than a simpleton's mind can handle. Use your imagination to figure them out for yourself.

- Just in case this description was too convincing, this mod is completely satire and none of the above points are valid whatsoever.  We went with a joke quest mod idea to try to get rid of stress and frustration that The Ash Pit caused.  As such this mod should not be played if you take everything super seriously and are expecting 100% immersion. For those who do play this, enjoy.
Version History

1.0 - original

1.1 - Fixed some small journal and dialogue bugs, added a missing texture.



Dwarven creatures by Yar-Yulme 
Dwemer Style Toilet by Craigor 
Daedric Teddies and Dwemer Teddy by redwoodtreesprite 
Tamriel Data by Tamriel Rebuilt & Project Tamriel Teams 
one of the dwrv trees is by Melchior Dahrk (unused)
The aqua centurions and dwemer lights are by Autoclock
The discoball and light effect are by HedgeHog-12


The Wizard of Oz - Skrillex Remix


Caeris - Lore Designer, Writer, Co-Director, Co-Author, Master-Writer, Inspirational Liberal Artist.

Enclave Killer - Level Designer, In-Depth Script Writer, Director, Co-Author, Master-mind, Talented Architect.


A huge thank you to the Wizard of Oz for giving us some ideas to plagiarize.

Most importantly, a bigger thank you to Rick and Morty for inspiring us to attempt to replicate Dan Harmon's genius writing.

Greatness7 for major scripting assistance

The other teams for making this contest possible

People in Discord for making things not boring and being great help and supportive.

Hope everyone enjoys the mod.