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Follow the clues of a doomed expedition to find the source behind an ancient Nordic relic.

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Blackthorn Barrow is my first dungeon/quest mod, and it's primary goal is to integrate the mysterious "wooden mask" first seen in Skyrim; thus making it feel more unified and consistent with the timeline, rather than appearing randomly without rhyme or reason. This mod's quest will shed some narrative light on the mask's mysterious origins, while aiming to be as lore-friendly as possible. In the end, those fortunate enough to survive the barrow's many perils, will be rewarded with a mask of their own.   

— A lore-friendly adventure.
— A high-level dungeon intended for characters level 30 or higher.
— An unenchanted dragon priest mask.
— Randomized encounters for unforeseen perils.

To find Blackthorn Barrow, head north of Fort Frostmoth, through the Isinfier forest, and follow the river northward. At the foot of the Moesring Mountains, looking down at the Isild River, you'll find a new barrow resting on the riverbed. Upon entering, look for Marcel's journal to get the quest started. Please note that advancing the quest relies on you finding the corresponding journal entries; if not, the quest will break and you'll have to revert to an older save point. In the README file, I've included a spoilers at the bottom, for those who are extra cautious.  

*Cleaned with Morrowind Enchanted Editor and tes3cmd*

Blackthorn Barrow is located in a fairly isolated area, self contained, and makes no landscape changes, save move a few rocks around; this should make it fairly compatible with other mods as long as it doesn't occupy the same worldspace. If there's any mod that does interfere with this mod, please leave a comment, and I might consider making a patch, if I have the time.  



Lougian: Caverns Overhaul
Midgetalien: Dragon Priest Mask Resource
Reizeron: R-Zero's Random Resources (Dragon Priest animation)
Stavroguin: Stav's Stuff - Booksets
Korana: Korana's Pirate Resources (Daggerfall map)
Runspect: Morrowind Decorative Stuff
Momo: Crane Resources

Thanks go out to CyanO, Symon69, Enclavekiller, Cyprius, and the rest of the team at the Morrowind Script Library for sharing their scripting knowledge with me. A special thanks goes out to DarkElfGuy for his phenomenal tutorial: Let's Mod Morrowind Epi. 2 - Making A Quest Mod; without it, the idea behind this mod would've forever remained a series of index cards and nothing more.  

Version 1.1: Added Patch for Anthology Solstheim / Anthology Tomb of the Snow Prince