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About this mod

Mzahnch Reborn is a complete overhaul of the existing ruin "Mzahnch" as part of the Dwemer Rebirth Project.

Permissions and credits

Please visit Morrowind Rebirth Discord for discussion and chat for the future of this project.

Updated ruins: Mzahnch, Mzuleft RebornAleft Reborn, Nchuleft Reborn All so far in one download – Here.

**** Compatible with Rise of the Tribe Unmourned ****

*** A compatibility file is available for DarkNut's excellent GDR tile set ** 

TheDwemer Rebirth Project was started with the intention of giving the
Dwemer a total rebuild. 

All interiors of the Dwemer ruins will be rebuilt and will involve the
player to a much greater extent.

Tasks, rather than quests will be included in the ruins.

Repairing Dwemer items will depend on your Armourer skill level and will
increase it.

Scripted spider automatons will carry random soul gems/ scrap metals.

A “Blackreach” style area will also eventually be added that will
connect certain ruins.

New meshes will be added as the project expands across Vvardenfell making
for a much greater arsenal of Dwemer resources for future

With the introduction of steam activated hydraulic doors, gated off
holding areas, fully working elevators for tower and lower level
access and other immersive objects and items such as Dwemer rune
cubes, (interactive) tools etc. 

A new set of appropriate Dwemer machinery will be added such as sheet
metal presses, augers, drills, furnaces etc. over time.

All the ruins will be expanded but still based on the original layouts
and purposes so no existing game quests will be affected but may
become a little more difficult.

I am a retired engineer that has worked in smelting, foundries etc. so
anything that is added will have some relevance to reality. 

Questions I have asked myself before starting this project;

How and where did they make their armours?

Where did their metal (ore) come from and how did they get it?

Where did they make their automatons?

Did they recycle their scrap metals?

Where did all the water come from to create the steam?

Any input, suggestions, puzzle and trap ideas welcome. Please PM me with them or come to the Rebirth Discord and discuss them live.

Suggested add-ons; DarkNut's GDR tile set -  Morrowind Code Patch--- Morrowind Rebirth V4.3

All textures are now in DDS format with DTX1 and DTX5 compression

Special thanks go to all that provided idea's and encouragement over at the Discord Channel!

Please note: No Guar were harmed during the making of this modification.