The Rise of the Tribe Unmourned by SammyB27 and Revised by Caeris
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*Requires Morrowind & Tribunal. Works well with OpenMW too.


The Resistible Rise of the Tribe Unmourned by SammyB27 is my favourite quest mod for Morrowind, it adds an awesome new questline that follows the defeat of Dagoth Ur in the original Morrowind game. I was saddened to learn that the mod was no longer being actively updated and was left in a permanent beta state. Fortunately though, the original mod author, the talented SammyB27 has granted  me permission to update the brilliant mod myself, so I have made a few fixes and changes for it  and have even made it compatible with Morrowind Rebirth!
I hope you enjoy this mod as much as I did :)

What is the story?

Dagoth Ur has been defeated, but the continued presence of the Sixth House still poses a threat to Morrowind. A lieutenant of the Tribe Unmourned has come out of the shadows in a sinister plot to resurrect Dagoth Ur. But hope is not lost, a new Spymaster for the Blades has arrived in Ebonheart, here to help the Nerevarine in their new struggle. With the aid of the Blades, the Nerevarine will finally be able put an end to the Sixth House's foul embrace over Morrowind once and for all.

It is recommended that you start the quest around level 40.
To start the quest, talk to any dreamer. To make them easier to find, I have added one to Balmora. See the screenshot for the exact location.

Previous Features:

- An elaborate questline that succeeds that of the defeat of Dagoth Ur.

- A badass (and I mean really badass) antagonist.

- An oppurtunity for the Nerevarine to build an outpost for the Blades.

- An oppurtunity for the Nerevarine to become Grand Spymaster of the Blades.

- An inclusion of never used before resources from the Modding community.

- An inclusion of new and old items and npcs, including new blades to recruit and new weapons to find.

New Features:

- A lot of fixes to mechanics that did not work very well, including fixes that stopped the player progressing, an edit to a glitchy boss fight, and a lot more.

- Tweaks to the Dialogue, including grammar fixes, filling in plot holes, and making the experience more lore-friendly.

- A new side quest to find the armor and tomb of Saint Nerevar, created by a team of talented modders, that can be started the original way or by speaking to the Blade's smith when he's been recruited.

- A patch to change Jacyinth's armor for purist lads who think it's a bit out of place in Morrowind.

- Full pluginless compatibility for Morrowind Rebirth, including a now unedited version of Ebonheart and less edits to the landscape overall.

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Drag and drop the files from the archive into the Morrowind Data Files Directory.
This is usually found in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Morrowind\Data Files).

Future Plans:

- There is a big update on the way. It includes up-to-date resources from Tamriel_Data, several new ways of starting the quest-line, almost completely grammar and spelling error free, more organised folders, and a much cleaner .esp.

- Finally, I am currently creating a sequel to this quest-line which I don't want to give any details about just yet. I am trying to construct a questline similar to how Sammy structured this one, but with a new plot and lore friendly canon added into the mix.