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The Imperial Dwemer Society
By The Mythical Beasts

Version: 1.0

1. Requirements
2. Description
3. Permissions
4. Installation
5. Incompatibilities
6. Credits
7. Spoilers

Morrowind, Tribunal, and Bloodmoon

Travel to the guild halls of the Imperial Dwemer Society and help the various scholars in their research.
As you progress, you will discover the workings of new marchines, upgrade some Dwmer gear, create new dwemer staves with dual enchantments, earn unique rewards and get to see visitors flock to the museum as new exhibits are open.
Your fellow guild members are:
- the guild master, he's the one who will promote you and tell you of the perks you've unlocked
- the quartemaster, also the bartender for the public area of the guild hall. He has 1000g to trade. Not bad
- the guild guide, will teleport you to the various guild of Mages but more importantly, needs to help to restore an old Dwemer teleportation system.
- the savant needs Dwemer schematics to understand the workings of the three dwemer machines excavated: the extractor, the smelter and the recycler. Then again, you might work it out yourself.
- the another savant ( a popular class in this guild) needs centurion parts. She will reward you with items made of Centurion components.
- the last savant ( I did tell you) is in charge of cataloguing all dwemeri items from the mundane to the deadly) but mostly he is quite taken with the idea of improving existing dwemer gear.
- the enchanter, she will enchant items of course, but you can use her desk as well. Consult her notes to make brand new Dwemer staves: the type of staff determines the constant enchantment you get while the gemstone you use determines the cast on use enchantment.

The guild has a large public aree where food and drinks are served to visitors. Upstairs, cosy living quarters for the scholars. You will be given a room as your prestige increases with the guild.
The museum will be populated with dwemer exhibits, just as soon as you provide the objects.

You cannot modify our mod

Use your favourite installer or drop in your data files folder.
This mod contains uniquely named textures so if prompted no need to overwrite.
Be sure to merge your levelled lists as this mods adds and modifies them.

Small additions have been made to most ruins (a door, an object on a table...) so it should be compatible with other Dwemer mods.
Our mod already fixes the position of the light in the Test of Patterns so you don't need the fix.
We stayed away from the Dwemer ruins in the Ghostfence to Darnnut's GDR is compatible.
We also left Mzuleft alone so you can enjoy your favourite Telvanni mod too.

Thanks to Bethesda Softworks for developing Morrowind and the Construction Set.

Thanks to Brucoms for developing the TES3 Readme Generator this readme was made from.
MA Dwemer resources
Darknut Greater Dwermer ruins resources
Tchos for the Chainlink Dwarven Corriders Tileset.
Zyndaar for the Modular Common Tilest.
Stoporstar for the Smith resources
Clavis crystal resource for the citrine texture
DM sorting script (modified for Dwemer objects)
CandyGrl24's Bulk Containers.
Jsp25's Ingredients on wooden bowls.


New schematics locations
Aleft, Bthuand , Druscashti , Mudan, Mzahnch , Nchardahrk and Nchardumz

New staves locations
Aleft, Arkthung, Bthuand, Druscashti, Galom Daeus, Mzahnch, Mzuleft, Nchardumz, Nchuleftingth, Bthungthumz, Mudan and Mzanchend