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Small changes to how CarryOn handles fatigue drain and jumping.

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Makes some further GMST changes to accompany the ones provided by CarryOn with the following goals:

Two versions available: the main file with 4 GMST changes, and an alternate file with 3 (doesn't change jumping back to vanilla.)  Both are included in the main download file.

* Slow fatigue drain, even while running.
* Make jumping fun again; encumbrance greatly affected even a Jump 100 spell and that was less fun.

GMST Vanilla CarryOn Tweaks
fBaseRunMultiplier 1.75 3 N/A
fEncumberedMoveEffect 0.3 0.99 0.4
fEncumbranceStrMult 5 10 N/A
fFatigueMult 0.5 0.75 N/A
fFatigueRunBase 5 10 3.09
fFatigueRunMult 2 10 0.09
fJumpEncumbranceBase 0.5 0.01 0.5

Highly Recommended

The mod "Better Fatigue Usage" is highly recommended as a companion to this and CarryOn.

It balances the slower fatigue drain by causing weapons to use more fatigue; the bigger the weapon the more fatigue that's used.