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Run faster! Carry more stuff! Pick one!
Doubles your carry weight and increases run speed, but the effects of fatigue and encumbrance are more potent.

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My other mods:

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* CarryOn *

I got sick of trying to lug around full suits of armor on my physically challenged character, not to mention how long it takes to get anywhere.  I also found it odd that being over-encumbered brings you to a stop, but dropping just a few pounds of gear allows you to move at almost normal speeds.

This little mod changes some GMSTs so that you can carry twice as much, and run almost twice as fast.  However, running now drains your fatigue faster, and the effects of low fatigue are more severe.  Also, you slow way the fudge down as your encumbrance increases.  When you're at your limit, you'll move at only 1% of your normal speed, and your fatigue will drain even faster.

This is an .omwaddon, but there's no reason it shouldn't work without OpenMW if you rename it to have an .esp extension.  I can't guaranty support for non-OpenMW use, though.