Thieves Guild Regained Trust by ProfArmitage
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Thieves Guild Regained Trust

Only requires Morrowind.esm

In vanilla Morrowind, completing the Fighters Guild code book quest will prevent you from ever joining the Thieves Guild, since they think you're working for the Camonna Tong.  On the other hand, talking to members of the Thieves Guild about the Camonna Tong after completing Larrius Varro's bloodbath quest increases your Disposition with them.  This small mod takes that a step farther, adding dialogue to the three Thieves Guild leaders that allows you to join the Guild after delivering the code book if you have also eliminated the Camonna Tong in Balmora.  Just talk to them about joining the Thieves Guild.

Mechanically, this mod just reverses the -10 Thieves Guild Reputation you get from completing the code book quest, so if you do something else to anger the Guild, this mod won't help.

Just copy the .esp in your Data Files folder, select it like any other mod, and you're ready to go.

This mod just adds new dialogue to an existing topic for three NPCs, and one new journal entry, so there shouldn't be any conflicts.