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––––––The Mythical Beasts: LadyPhoenixFireRose, kiramarshiku, Pseunomix, and Danae

––––––❧ Olyn will join you as soon as House Redoran adopts you.

––––––❧ Olyn will provide unique dialogue for a lot of House Redoran quests;
–––––––––this includes information on resolving quests or additional directions to quest locations.
–––––––––Talk to him often as his dialogue is only available during the relevant quests.

––––––❧ Custom set of bonemold armour and weapons as well as the regular companion options.

––––––❧ Olyn can also aid you on the following quests by offering extra gear or bonus quest rewards (see spoiler section).

––––––❧ Olyn has a small house outside Maar Gan where you can rest and improve some of the gear
–––––––––you'll be receiving from Olyn (using the forge and anvil outside).

––––––❧ Olyn has had a bit of a gambling problem.
–––––––––Help him out if you want / can to obtain an important family heirloom.

––––––❧ Olyn keeps his gear tidy on a mannequin and weapon storage (scripted to display / equip the gear).

––––––❧ Olyn will add a memento to his house for every Redoran quest you complete.

––––––❧ You can bet on a kwama forager race, somewhere in Maar Gan.

––––––❧ (See spoiler section of the read me to see all the quests Olyn helps you complete.)

–––––––––––––Additional credits

–––––––––––––❧ Bethesda Softworks for Morrowind and the Construction Set.
–––––––––––––❧ Brucoms for developing the TES3 Readme Generator the readme was made from.
–––––––––––––❧ Arcimaestro Antares for the beggar animation and the game of cups
–––––––––––––❧ Raflod's Dwemer Slot Machine.
–––––––––––––❧ 3S Practice Dummy by TheSot & Snazelfrat & StevenStrange.