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  1. TheDrunkenMudcrab
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    Version 1.1: Fixes a bug and adds an .esp description/author.

    Version 1.15: Fixes Dialogue Errors, Typos, an editor message that was left in accidentally, and a misplaced "floater" item.

    Version 1.16: Journal entry fix.

    Version 1.2: The Telvanni storyline now destroys the mine, as intended.

    Version 1.22: Fixes a major bug involving the Redoran and Telvanni storylines, and adds appropriate dialogue after the Telvanni storyline is concluded.

    Version 1.25: Edited some of the Telvanni questline's activators, and fixed a minimap glitch in Caldera Mine regarding the Telvanni questline.

    Version 1.26: Fixes a pretty major bug on the Telvanni side that didn't even show that the Battle for Caldera Mine happened. Also, you can now loot the questline reward as Telvanni, as well as Hlaalu and Redoran.

    Version 1.27: Fixes the "Rising Sun the Scrib" quest. Now it should properly exit your journal after completion.

    Version 1.28: Fixes the "Unruly Slave" quest. Now it should properly exit your journal after completion.

    Version 1.3: The Hlaalu Questline may now be played by beast races.
  2. Slanderbot
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    For anyone looking for a certain pickaxe, it's not in the mine.
  3. DoctorMeezus
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    Some bugs I've encountered:

    Freeing a slave causes them to leave when you reload the area, meaning you can't claim the reward for the slave quests if you free them first. Making the slaves stick around if you've accepted their quest would fix this.

    All of the dark elves in the mine have a disposition of 0 and give me the message "It's dark down here. See how no one would know you were dead for weeks if we just killed you now? I have nothing now, you took away my job. You keep walking, outlander." But I haven't completed any quest which would have shut down the mine or put the miners out of work. The only quest I completed in the area was Radimus's, up to the point where I spiked the food supply with moon sugar.

    I don't have any mods which should conflict with this one, mostly just retextures. The reworked mine looks beautiful, just hope these bugs can get worked out :-p

    Edit: Turns out every NPC hates me now for "shutting down the mine," which I never did?
  4. Kazuya482
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    Anybody have info on compatibility with LGNPC Pax Redoran?
  5. christianhulen
    • member
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    I'm pretty sure it doesn't, but does anybody know if this mod conflicts with Caldera Fighters Guild?
  6. X4vv4X
    • member
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    Hey guys Im wondering: Where is the Telvanni hideout now?
    In your description you mentioned something about south instead of north side
    but Ive been searchin for it almost over 1 hour now... Pls give me a little hint lel.
    ->Ashanammu cave <- Cant find it but needed to complete my fighters guild quest.
    May u can modify the (mod) description as well ^^
    Ty and Greetings
    1. X4vv4X
      • member
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      OK Ive found the direction where it should be and now I think Ive discovered some incompatibility with some other mod.
      I think it is "Apel's Asura Coast and Sheogorath Region Retexture" who causes a couple of some weird texture overlapping so the path to telvanni agents is full with landscape and mountains.
      is there a way to fix this?
    2. PrometheusX13
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      I have the exact same issue
      Did you find a fix?
    3. johnelros
      • member
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      It seems that issue is caused by the 'Mountainous Red Mountain' mod that replaces rock meshes with ones of another sizes and shapes. Also the 'MRM Compatibility Patch' is outdated and apparently never fixed that overlap.
  7. ElderMalaclypse
    • member
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    Good addition to my mod load, probably won't ever leave. Breathes new life into an area that really didn't seem complete in the base game. Haven't finished the house quest yet but the location and local quest all worked well. One small gripe is you moved the Ashanammu cave location, I guess cause it was behind the gate? Anyway the new location is not easy to find, actuall had to cheat to find it. Still great mod.
    1. MelchiorDahrk
      • supporter
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      Glad that you’re enjoying the mod!
  8. gryffenator
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    I'm doing the Telvanni quest for the mine, I've managed to place all the satchel charges without any issue, but when i leave the Mine, my character falls over from low fatigue. However, no matter how long I wait, even after I get full fatigue, my character never gets up.
    1. abot
      • member
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      if you have some other mod making player collapse lowering player fatigue by script (e.g. Necessities of Morrowind) in the same frame it may conflict.

      if you are using NOM, try opening the console before doing the quest and type:

      set NOM_fatigueactive to 0

      this should disable NOM fatigue collapsing

      if it works you should be able to reset NOM fatigue collapsing after a while with the

      set NOM_fatigueactive to 1

      console command
  9. lovefalso
    • member
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    I found some bugs, when i enter (i don't even remember how i ended up there because the place looks like a buggy maze) the "caldera mine" (i think some mod intended to add a cell inside the ORIGINAL caldera mine, that's why the look similar and are aparently next to each other, i'm confused) i see a place full of floating pieces of mine caverns with the some original characters from your mod inside it plus the workers that MCA adds.

    Maybe.... "Mines and Caverns", MCA, and CME is a bad combination.
    1. MelchiorDahrk
      • supporter
      • 1,291 posts
      • 137 kudos
      Yes, any mod which alters the interior may conflict with this one. Would be best for Mines and Caverns to add a patch for CME.
  10. abot
    • member
    • 697 posts
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    In response to post #66259551. #66837566 is also a reply to the same post.


    This mod does not directly edit that NPC or script. Do you know where the NPC is located? Maybe it's in a cell that got renamed or something.
    I think it is a conflict as both mods add and delete NPCs from Caldera Mine interior, so last loaded mod will have all its NPCs loaded but will nuke some of the NPCs of the other mod.

    Probably a patch could be done removing reference to tl_mineguard1, tl_mineguard2 from juniper twin lamps TL_CalderaUprising script and loading Caldera Mine Expanded AFTER Juniper twin lamps
    [EDIT] e.g.
    Begin TL_CalderaUprising

    if ( MenuMode )

    if ( GetPCCell "Caldera Mine" )

    float t1
    if ( t1 > 0 )
    set t1 to ( t1 - GetSecondsPassed )
    set t1 to 2 ; delay for GetDistance
    if ( Dahleena->GetDistance "tl_mineboss" > 700 )

    set Dahleena.followNow to 0
    Dahleena->AiWander 256 0 0 40 20 20 0 0 0 0 0 0
    Dahleena->StartCombat tl_mineboss
    tl_mineboss->StartCombat Dahleena

    khazura->AiTravel 2096 5024 80 0
    khazura->StartCombat tl_mineboss

    gilm->StartCombat "ahanabi assullinbanud"
    "ahanabi assullinbanud"->StartCombat gilm

    neesha->AiTravel 3916 5421 -46 0
    neesha->StartCombat "ahanabi assullinbanud"
    inorra->StartCombat "ohibaal assintashiran"

    "ohibaal assintashiran"->StartCombat inorra
    "dun-ilu assurnumausur"->StartCombat inorra

    ; "tl_mineguard1"->SetFight 100
    ; "tl_mineguard2"->SetFight 100
    "tl_mineguard3"->SetFight 100
    ; "tl_mineguard1"->SetAlarm 0
    ; "tl_mineguard2"->SetAlarm 0
    "tl_mineguard3"->SetAlarm 0
    "tl_mineguard3"->Say "vo\tl\Slavesattacking.mp3" "Slaves are attacking!"
    Journal "TL_Caldera Mine" 50
    StopScript TL_CalderaUprising

    1. enderandrew
      • member
      • 105 posts
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      So I tried editing the script to remove references to tl_mineguard1 and tl_mineguard2 from TL_CalderaUprising but then I still was receiving the error. Then I loaded the ESP file into the Construction Set to recompile the script, but TL_Shipwreck_Float apparently has an error and won't recompile.
  11. Kolodets
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    How can i start this quest? Playing for Hlaalu
    1. abc123guy
      • member
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      "To start the Hlaalu Great House quest involving Caldera Mine, speak to Crassius Curio after completing the "Shipment of Ebony" quest. He will discuss the topic of Caldera Mine with the "business" topic. "