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This mod expands Caldera Mine in every way possible. New quests (Including a Great House quest for all three Great Houses), new NPCs, new side quests, an expanded exterior and interior, and overall a completely lore-friendly revamp of Caldera Mine.

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Caldera Mine Expanded is a mod that enhances the Caldera Mine area, making it seem as important and high-priority as quests and dialogue made it out to be. The vanilla location is dead, lifeless, and doesn't seem like one of the largest workplaces in all of Vvardenfell. Caldera Mine was impressive in vanilla Morrowind, but it didn't quite live up to the lore around it. This mod aims to fix that. 


There has recently been a mod that has released that claims that CME is very buggy. This is incorrect, but we have updated CME to account for any smaller errors that do exist. We have updated to 2.0, and we will be monitoring the bugs channel more thoroughly from now on. Please report any issues you have. We will NEVER solve compatibility issues.

The features of this mod include: 

  • Three new Great House quests (All centered around Caldera Mine, one quest per joinable Great House).
  • Five new side quests centered around the Caldera Mine area. 
  • A revamped exterior, with mining scaffolding, cranes, smelter, and many other major amenities that would be part of such a large mine. The cliff bluff itself is now more impressive than its vanilla counterpart, as well.  
  • New NPCs.
  • A brand new unique weapon, accessible through any of the Great House quests in this mod (As loot, not as a reward). 
  • Unique dialogue added to nearly every vanilla NPC at the mine, with many ordinary NPCs now serving important roles in quests. 
  • Fixes to Caldera Mine's notes (Which contained numerous typos and a consistency error with the game world when compared to the book lore).
  • A lore-friendly atmosphere. We have taken pains to ensure that dialogue added to vanilla NPCs is consistent with their personality, and we've also done our best to ensure that, while expanded, Caldera Mine is still very much the Caldera Mine from vanilla, just better. You won't see 9th era battleships cruising around the mine, searching for KINMUNE or anything like that.

To start the Hlaalu Great House quest involving Caldera Mine, speak to Crassius Curio after completing the "Shipment of Ebony" quest. He will discuss the topic of Caldera Mine with the "business" topic. 

To start the Redoran Great House quest involving Caldera Mine, you must speak to Garisa Llethri after completing "The Mad Lord of Milk" quest. Unlike the other quests, you MUST be on the stage where you are requesting Redoran Councilor support to rise in rank. If you install this mod after you've already done that, you won't be able to start the Great House quest for Redoran (This is due to the nature of House Redoran; having the quest involve Archmaster Venim and having the quest be set before the mines are shut down requires having it put in a very particular spot in the Redoran storyline). 

To start the Telvanni Great House quest, simply speak to Neloth anytime after you reach Spellwright rank.

All other side quests may be started on-site in Caldera Mine, as given by various NPCs. If you complete the "Shut the Mines Down" quest for House Redoran, several of these quests become permanently unavailable due to the mines closing down.

(For any judges who don't care to use the console to test out these Great House quests, don't fret. Use the included save files to test the Great House Quests).

Ashanammu cave (A vanilla cave located in Caldera Mine) has been moved from the north side of the mine to the south side and has been expanded. 

Caldera Mine is fairly darker than its ultra-bright vanilla variant. Torches are recommended for traversing the darker portions of the mine (Places where the workers don't typically go). 

The main quests set your fatigue low to knock you down often. If you get stuck in this position somehow, use console commands to set your fatigue to full.

Recommended Mods: 
Immersive Mining: will make a quest reward pickaxe usable for mining ore!

Credits and Special Thanks to: 

  • Arcimaestro Antares for Animated Morrowind.
  • Dongle for gate asset.
  • Momo for crane asset.
  • Morovir for cliff asset.
  • LondonRook for awesome mining assets (Ore vein, rope spool, smelter, workbench, mist, mine brace & pilings models)
  • Sachiel for spiral cliff asset.
  • Reizeron for quake assets.