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A mod that overhauls lights, fog and clouds with a cartoonish, fantasy touch.

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A mod that overhauls lights, fog and clouds with a cartoonish, fantasy touch. All colors were reviewed and textures were "handly" painted over in photoshop, starting from clouds pics. To applying lights and fog I've added two .mit files, one for Wrye Mash users and one for MiNi.exe users.

Weather features:

+ Clear is limpid and colorful
+ Cloudy is misty and bright
+ Rainy is cold and gray
+ Thunder is plunged in blue
+ Overcast is misty and dark
+ Foggy is green and marshy

Screenshots: 1024*768, mge xe, no shaders, distant land 4, above water fog: start 1 - end 4, no high quality fog/atmosphere. With different MGE versions/options results may vary. High quality fog nullify my work on lights.


Prerequisite: a sky mesh, that is a courtesy of starwarsgal9875: you will need the file called sky_clouds_01.nif placed in your meshes folder, and you can find it in the Skies .IV Resource Pack, if you don't have it already.

1|| with Wrye Mash is always the better way.
And to apply a mit file...
- Go to mods tab, right click on main column header and select "INI Tweaks...". This will bring up a file selection dialog.
- Select one of the mit files from Morrowind\Data Files\Mits and click Open. This will apply the changes in the mit file to Morrowind.ini.
2|| if you really must do it manually:
- drag the Data Files folder in your Morrowind folder and overwrite when asked (backup your installed sky textures if you mind)
- since MiNi.exe seems missing around the web (I found it here, but in a strange form), if you don't have it open the mit file in notepad and manually override your morrowind.ini file.