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This is the best functioning Wrye Mash that exists *imo. This newer version of Wrye Mash Stand Alone (WMSA) Ver. 003 was released by Melchor. This version fixes the -cannot edit the file header bug- and other bugs that exist in Yacobys version. Install instructions included.

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This is the best functioning Wrye Mash that exists *imo. This newer version of Wrye Mash Stand Alone (WMSA) Version 0.0.3 was released by Melchor and he has no objection to upload WMSA elsewhere. This version fixes the "cannot edit the file header" bug  and other bugs that exist in Yacoby's version.

You don't have to mess anymore with Python nor WX, all is bundled in the executable. It is an automatic installer and I wrote step by step instructions below.

This version (0.0.3) should correct the problems that can be encountered on non US machines.

This WMSA is superior since it doesn't have the "cannot edit the file header" bug that exist in Yacoby's WMSA.

***On the download page there is a question mark near the mod name. It says that some of the Nexusmods virus scanners reported the file as a virus. The staff believes it is a false positive. It is obviously a false positive however I provided an alternate download source from over at Great House Fliggerty. That is where I got the darn thing from in the first place. I will also provide a second mirror, you know, just for kicks :D Just click on the Mirror tab.***

The new version of Wrye Mash Stand Alone (WMSA) Ver. 003 was released by Melchor and he has no objection to upload WMSA elsewhere.  

If you need to know more about Wrye Mash Stand Alone I suggest that you read this thread for more information.

You can also read Leonardo's thread here.

Moreover, this version have some improvements:

  • A new tab has appeared: the utilities tab, which allow user to launch any program or execute any command from Mash;
  • The help window has been changed: it looks like a .chm one, with the help content on the left and page display on the right;
  • By clicking on the green floppy disk in the status bar, you open the settings window;
  • Some code tweeking for the installers tab: Mash won't send an error if it can't find the installers directory (usefull if this directory in located on a remote drive).

  • Settings window has a new entry: installers directory. This allow the user to change this setting without openening 'mash.ini.'
  • The installers tab (and its functions) has been improved: if your Morrowind installers are on a remote/external drive and if this
  • drive is not connected, WMSA don't send errors, only a warning.
  • Ability to delete mods or save from WMSA (warning: this deletes the files).
  • Localisation issues (non US users related) should be corrected.
This version of Mash is under GNU-GPL, the sources are included in the installer.

The installer has been built with BIM.

***Make sure you grab the read me from the download section. I include Wrye's original read me that covers some of the main features. This is a must read!***

from the READ ME readme.txt for Wrye Mash stand-alone executable --

Ok so Wrye Mash, here's how to install it:

open the archive
inside is an wrye mash install EXE (say hello to it and be nice, Wrye Mash is your friend)

Soooo now you want to drag it to your Morrowind folder (not data files), the
one where your Morrowind exe. is. Path should be something like
this--> C: Bethesda Softwoeks\Morrowind...

If you did it correctly a Green Checkmark Box will appear. Pat yourself on the back, you have done well for yourself.

Now click on the install exe and click next , next... until you get to the
option of DESTINATION FOLDER. Make sure the path is the same, basically
you want to install Wrye Mash into your C:Bethesda Softworks\Morrowind
folder (the same as before)

Now you will see a MOPY file and inside you will find the MASH EXE file. Make a short cut to your desktop.

There is no fancy icon included but you can find Wrye Bash icons that users made. I'll post some links shortly.

REL Wrye Mash Bash Fash Fancy Schmancy iCONS

Wrye Bash-Flash Custom Game Icons by Ulithium_Dragon

Wrye Bash Icon Pack by Evil Metro

Instructions on how to use Wrye Mash found at

If you get a warning sayingUpdate Masters Error
Then check this easy to follow guide by

If you need any help I suggest to ask Leonardo over at the official forums

or at the assimilation lab,

If you prefer Yacoby's WMSA you can get it here-->

Here are some links to some other must have utilities:


I personally want to thank Wrye for his moral compass and also for what I believe is the single greatest utility ever made for Morrowind and all later TES titles. I am proud to say that, "I'm a Wrye Mash user!"

"There are essentially two ways that modders view the place of their creations in the modding community:

The Cathedral view, and the Parlor view" ~Wrye 2005