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Adds some needed filler for some things MGSO just didn't replace from vanilla Morrowind

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MGSO 3.0 Patch

This is NOT my own work, I just compiled all of the mods to create a small mod guide. Credits will be linked below, please go download and endorse their wonderful mods.

What specifically does MGSO 3.0 Patch actually do?

  • Replaces mian menu and splash screens with new HD lore friendly and immersive ones
  • Replaces the opening cutscene with a new one that utilizes MGSO 3.0
  • Gives a new HD modern but familiar UI
  • Adds better bodies models for Dagoth Ur and Ash Vampires
  • Fixes table mesh
  • Fixes broken/unusable doors
  • Gives Argonians and Khajiits updated textures


  • MGSO 3.0

After downloading all mods install in this order and overwrite all

  1. HD splash screen and main menu by Say
  2. HD intro by Chesko
  3. Modern Morrowind UI by Jiffyadvent
  4. Ash vampires replacer by Aoimevelho
  5. Dagoth Ur model reworked by Phobos
  6. Wey's Argonians by Wey
  7. Pluginless Khajiit head pack by Ashiraniir
  8. MGSO Temporary Patch
  9. Nord Mail Pauldrons Fix
  10. MGSO table fix by Spicydeath82
  11. MGSO 3.0 broken doors fix by ChaosWarrior