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Spells cost less Magicka to cast the more skilled you are, and more expensive spells give more experience. Requires MWSE.

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This mod requires MWSE 0.9.5-alpha.20151016. Versions as early as 0.9.5-alpha.20150707 will possibly work, but there's no real reason not to use the latest.


Very simple mod that I wrote in a couple hours.

This is a combination spell cost-reduction and magicka-based skill progression mod. This is nothing new; however, the existing mods I was finding (in my, admittedly, not exhaustive search) either used silly workarounds or MWE, when I'd rather just use MWSE. So I figured I'd just make my own MWSE-based mod.

The script is roughly based on Spell Cast Reduction by Aragon (I say "roughly" because I mostly used it to confirm that one of my ideas would work, and the structure is otherwise fairly different). The skill progression part I wrote from scratch after a quick look at the MWSE readme.

The script uses MWSE to know how much the spell costs so it continues to function properly even if, say, you're being hit with a Damage Magicka effect as you cast. Also, obviously, xModProgressionSkill is used for the skill progression part. The mod also sets standard magic skill experience to 0 so all experience is handled by the script.

The Magicka reduction starts at a skill level of 50 and works beyond a skill of 100, but on a sliding scale. Up to 50, spells cost the full amount. At 100, you get 50% of your Magicka back. At 200, you get 75% of your Magicka back. At 300 or above, you get 87.5% back. Minimum cost is 1.

Skill progression is the cost is divided by 5, so a 5-Magicka spell (e.g. Fireball) gives the vanilla amount of experience (1.00). If the spell fails, the experience is once again divided by 5 so you still get some progress for failing to cast the spell (unless no magicka was lost, in which case the script assumes the failure was due to insufficient Magicka and gives you nothing).

The script should be fairly straightforward to modify if you want to adjust things like the cost reduction formula, the minimum cost of a spell, or the amount of experience earned (or disable earning experience for failed spells entirely).


v2.0 overhauls the script so spells with effects from multiple schools now give experience to whichever skill is lowest, and also it now properly detects spell failures due to failing the spell chance instead of not having enough magicka; as a result, experience is now gained at the end of the casting sound instead of the start.
v1.0.1 fixes a bug with the formulae for skill levels >= 100.