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Adds an old outpost at the southern end of the foyada Ashur-Dan. Barebones. Intervention spells take you all across southern Vvardenfell. The Buoyant Armigers are also interested in it. Includes short quest.

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This mod adds a small outpost in Molag Amur at the southern end of the foyada Ashur-dan in Velothi style called Baldil. Although infested and unkept, it can easily be cleaned-up and used as a base of operations for the player. The Buoyant Armigers are also interested in using this place and will garrison it if you speak to them. The stationed troops provide basic magic and repair services.

Includes containers with large capacity, easy storage of ingredients and apparatuses, and convenient location for teleportation. Divine Intervention takes you to Pelagiad, where ALMSIVI Intervention will then take you to either Balmora or Vivec (depending on location). ALMSIVI Intervention from the outpost will take you to Molag Mar, and Divine Intervention from there will take you to Sadrith Mora.

This mod requires both expansion to storage/retrieve their ingredients. Should work on fresh or moldy saves alike. Removing this mod should not cause any issues either, but any saves should be cleaned regardless. Always create backup saves before including new mods.