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Gives you 100% chance to hit with melee and ranged attacks. Works on new game or old save. Compatible with everything.

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Gives you 100 attack (chance to hit). Uses a tiny one-time script that adds the passive ability to you and only you. Does not edit races or any other vanilla settings. Works on new game or progressed save. Compatible with everything.

I made this mod because the other mod "Accurate Attack" edits vanilla races, making it incompatible with any other mod that edits vanilla races. I believe it also only works on a new game or by using console. I made this mod from scratch, though it's inspired by that mod.

I chose 100 attack instead of 1000 because it might allow you to still have a chance to miss (untested) with low fatigue and perhaps blind spell (if using MCP that fixes blind). If someone really wants 1000 attack to have absolutely zero chance to miss, I can add another version that does that.

As far as I can tell, this mod and others like it pretty much render weapon skills obsolete, as all weapon skills do is increase your chance to hit. It would be great if someone could figure out a mod that makes weapon skills increase your weapon damage, or make it take less time to charge a power attack for full damage as your skill increases, with the result being that you can do full weapon damage without holding the attack at all but just spamming it.

Update: Added an optional 1000 Fortify Attack version for anyone who prefers to never ever miss.