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One more house in Balmora. Cheaty, unbalanced and with huge cellar.

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-Part of the May Modathon Month-

Adventurer's Asylum
(or one more house in Balmora) 

My mod adds a middle-sized player house near South Wall Cornerclub. The door is locked, but you can find the key and teleport amulet in Arkngthand (seek a skeleton in Land's Blood Gallery). Or you may just unlock the door with lockpicks/spell.

This mod is rather out-of-balance, because I wanted to make something like typical Skyrim houses, you know, alchemic station, anvil, enchanter's table etc. So I made it!

Feature list:

- amulet, which teleports you into your home
- stationary alchemic laboratory (just activate it) 
- collector of all Morrowind ingredients (removes all ingredients from your inventory)
- "sorters" for a few popular potions (they move all ingredients for the potion from collector's storage to your inventory)
- enchanting&spellmaking station in the form of skull 
- anvil (free repair for your equipment)
- training chests for lockpicking
- working practice dummies (have some problems with collisions though)

Also, the capacity of all containers was increased, and the library contains pretty much skill books.


Mod doesn't add any meshes&textures, so it's appearance highly depends on your replacers.

(if you don't want to travell to Arkngthand)

press "~" and then type in console
player-> AddItem SBH_teleport_amulet 1
player-> AddItem SBH_key 1


1.0 - release
1.01 - fixed flying scrolls
1.02 - fixed a few clipping issues, added pathgrid, fixed archive structure for NMM
1.03 - fixed two bugs exlusive for vanilla Morrowind engine (don't bother if you use OpenMW)