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Part of the May Modathon Month. 50 anti-Imperial graffiti have been painted on walls around Vvardenfell. Can you find them all?

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*Part of the May Modathon Month*

Imperials Go Home adds 50 hidden or semi-hidden "graffiti" with anti-Imperial messages painted on the walls of Imperial settlements and guildhalls around Vvardenfell. Finding and cleaning the vandalized walls will earn the player various rewards such as gold and better reputation with Imperial factions. Finding all 50 will yield a special recognition from the Imperial government. However, cleaning the signs of protest will incur the wrath of Kuvat Tong, a guild of Dark Elven calligraphers.


Just unzip everything into your Data Files


This mod edits the exterior cells of Ald-ruhn, Balmora, Buckmoth Legion Fort, Caldera, Ebonheart, Gnisis, Moonmoth Legion Fort, Pelagiad, Seyda Neen, Vivec and Wolverine Hall. Other mods that drastically change these cells either by moving or removing some of the existing buildings might cause issues. I will look into the possibility of making a version of this mod compatible with some major town revamp mods in the future.