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This mod lets you to join an Orcish clan, and do quests for them. Part of the May Modathon Month.

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Part of the May Modathon Month

Are you one of the few people who actually likes Orcs? Their brutal, yet honorable ways? Then 'The Fires of Orc' mod is for you. Your adventure begins when you talk with Nash gro-Khazor, the lieutenant of General Darius in Gnisis. He will send you to deal with the Orcish clan that conquered the Dunmer fortress of Valenvaryon. You can kill them, or decide to aid them and gain valuable allies for the Empire.

The features of this mod include:

- The pacification of the inhabitants of Valenvaryon
- 9 quests
- Unique dialogue and personality for most of the Orcs in Valenvaryon
- New items, including a book on Sloadic grammar!
- An insight into the Orcish culture
- Easter eggs/references
- Compatibility with the LGNPC Secret Masters plugin - Abelle Chriditte is left untouched.

Version 1.1:

- Bugfixes

Version 1.5:

- A major update
- Cleaning
- A lot of bugfixes, polished dialogue, correction of grammatical mistakes
- Added clutter around the fort to make the place feel more alive (tools for making the Malacath statue)
- The leader of the Orcish clan is now a Level 30 Barbarian in Orcish Armor (should be a real challenge if you choose to turn against the Orcs)
- Thanks to Petethegoat for giving me suggestions to improve this mod

Version 1.6:

Cleaning and dialogue tweaks, thanks to Danae

Version 2.0:

- Lucevar became a co-author and contributed towards the improvement of my mod
- Some dialogue tweaks
- Lots of new dialogue
- If you're an Orc, you can join the Orcish Clan even without being a member of the Imperial Legion now!
- The "two minutes political agenda" quest has not been removed - it won't ever be :)

Version 2.1:

- Some proofreading

Installation and requirements:

As usually, put the files into your Data Files folder. Only Morrowind is required.


Lucevar - Co-author

Harlow, Donald J. "The Sixteen Rules of Esperanto Grammar." N.p., 11 Sept. 1995. Web. 29 May 2017 (An inspiration for the Sloadic Grammar book, more details in the enlosed word document.)

Danae - Cleaning and dialogue tweaks