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Part of the May Modathon Month

Expands the ideas behind fair magic regen to only happen while idle (not in combat, taking damage, or under negative spell effects.)

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Part of the May Modathon Month

This mod aims to expand on the ideas of fair
magic regen. Combat will always stop regen for
5 seconds. This means drawing your weapon,
taking damage to health or magicka, or casting
spells will be enough to break regen. There are
three variants. It's important to only activate
one of the esps. The differences are below.

-Attributes and Effects-
Any negative effect on the player will stop
regen. This includes diseases, enchantments
with negative effects, etc.. May conflict with
armor penalty mods, light based sneaking mods,
or anything else that adds penalties to the

-No Attributes-
Removes the drain/damage attribute and skill
checks from the script. This means effects like
burden, blind, etc.. will still interupt regen
but should maintain compatibility with various
armor penalty mods.

-No effects-
Only drawing weapons, casting, and taking
damage to magicka or health will interupt

Choose only one esp.