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Blackwell Farm is a fairly modest one story farmhouse located northwest of Suran.
It comes with a fair amount of storage, a friendly Guar buddy, and is more or less entirely custom made.

It’s styled in an Imperial/Nord fashion, but otherwise fits any class and character as long as you enjoy a more simpler less extravagant lifestyle.

I made the house partly as an exercise to learn more about 3D modeling, and it was chiefly inspired by medieval farms where it was very common for the farm animals to live indoors during the colder months of the year.

On the desk inside the house is an item called the “Index of the Warm Hearth” which when equipped will teleport you to the inside of the house.

The house is right next to Ules Manor and the slave shacks in the Ascadian Isles.
To find it go North through the Suran gate, past the silt strider and over the wooden bridge next to all the plantations.
See the image in the gallery for the exact location.

Install/Uninstall Instructions:
To install the mod simply place all the files in the Morrowind Data Files folder.
If you want to uninstall the mod remove the Blackwell Farm.ESP and the DE_House folders located in both the Meshes and Textures folders in Data Files.

1.1 - Added a doorframe to main entrance as requested.

Additional Notes:
The mod requires both Morrowind expansions to function.
There might be some issues with compatibility with mods change the nearby landscape around the Ascadian Isles.