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This mod lets you to earn titles of nobility from the Empire.

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Greetings, patriots of the Cyrodilic Empire! It is time to make the Empire great again!

The mod now has a separate male, female and non-binary version, so you would be able to play it with a character of any gender. Only have one of the files activated in any given playthrough.

It happened a few days ago that I arrived to Seyda Neen by boat. In the Census and Excise Office a new clerk waited for me. We, Imperials have the best clerks, believe me. They are wonderful. He told me that if I decide to role play as an Imperial loyalist I might earn new rewards: Titles of nobility! And if I serve the Empire faitfully and diligently I might even claim ownership over Vvardenfell as Duke/Duchess/Despot one day.

This mod adds a new faction named 'Imperial Registry' in which your status in the society of the Empire is documented. When you join you start as a commoner, and in the end you can become the Duke/Duchess/Despot of Vvardenfell. A new quest is included to challenge Duke Vedam Dren for the title. The people of Morrowind will actually acknowledge that you are the Duke/Duchess/Despot of Vvardenfell. Depending on class, race and faction they will have different things to say concerning the topic "Duke." (Or "Duchess" or "Despot.") Be prepared that not everyone will be impressed.

The following NPCs have unique dialogue that only they, and no one else among their race/faction/class will say: Orvas Dren, Ilmeni Dren, King Hlaalu Helseth, Vivec, Fargoth, Neloth.

I think that this mod would be excellent for role playing an Imperial loyalist. All you have to do is playing the game as you normally would. When you do a quests, always think of the interest of the Empire. Your service will be rewarded by titles of nobility. A document is enclosed with the plugin in which you can find a walkthrough and further information.