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Gives the Player a large Treehouse home in the Ascadian Isles

Permissions and credits
                           Kursan is proud to present 
                              ASCADIAN TREEHOUSE
                a lofty player home in the Ascadian Isles

At the port in Ebonheart you will find a dropped letter that was never delivered.
In it you learn that someone had to leave Vvardenfell in a hurry and left her home to a good friend. Since the friend will never see the letter  and there is no forwarding address, the house is basically yours for the taking...
It is a remote getaway perfect for an adventurer to explore the many caves and places that region offers, yet it is not too far removed from a large city. There is a riddle in the letter to help you find the house, I hope this is a fun search and a bit different from either just walking in or buying a place. If it frustrates you see the read me for details and spoiler.

Please Note: V-1.3 is intended to work with Vurts Ascadian Isles Tree replacer! If you do not have Vurts trees installed use V-1.2 to work with vanilla Trees, but you will not get some of the updates that were made only in V-1.3 
For a complete Vanilla install with no Tribunal required, no custom mesh or texture for the bow and vanilla trees, use 1.2a

I recommend to use NMM via manual download, that is download manually to desktop then use NMM to install from there; or
download manually and extract the files in the folder to the
corresponding files in the Morrowind Data folder.
Cleaned with Enchanted Editor.

Changelog: V-1.2
Added a Teleport Ring with a little help from a friend. (it is hidden in plain sight)!
Added Luthien's Bow based on a retexture for the Bow of Shadows, has changed stats and is also a bit hidden inside the house.
IMPORTANT: There are extra folders for Luthien's Bow included, Icons, Meshes, and Textures. These are the files for the "Bow of Shadows" (see credits) and REQUIRE TRIBUNAL TO WORK!

If you decide not to use them or do not want to run Tribunal you MUST install V 1.2a included in the latest update, but I highly recommend using the new texture and mesh with V 1.2, it is an awesome looking bow! You do NOT run this plugin together with the "New Bow of Shadows.esp"!
Fixed some exposed construction with decoration in the bedroom and added more storage.
Added Luthien's Sash, a gift for her good friend that is now YOU; there is a note between the pages of a book to add some more background story and
hints to where items are, of course you need to find the note too
Added a piece of furniture here a candle there...
Latest zip contains 2 esp. files one to work with Tribunal (1.2) and one to work without (1.2a).
Fixed the ingredient sorter issue, my apologies. Please read the read me for full details on the changes I made and regarding the use of both esp. files.
Make sure NOT to install the included Data folders IF you are using 1.2a!

Updated version for "Vurt's AI Trees", has all the updates made in v-1.2 plus some custom changes only in this version for now, see read me.
Note: I do not recommend using any versions of this mod with any other mod that also uses the ingredient sorter by Gaius Atrius.

Special Note:
I will upload all my mods from "yesteryear" to the Nexus over the next few weeks. All these mods I created as "Thondur" and were previously hosted only on "Planet Elder Scrolls" where they have been sitting for years. All my mods are also available at Morrowind Modding History, a really great site for Morrowind mods you should check it out!
Please understand that for now the mods are presented "as is" and I do not modfor Morrowind at the moment; in fact it has been so long that I do not
even remember how I did some things I created in these mods. If there are any Bugs they will have to wait or you have to fix them yourself.
Fair warning. It is my hope to "get back into the game" as it were one of these days as I still care a great deal for this great game. While I mod and play mostly in Skyrim now, Morrowind will always have the strongest emotional connection with me. Exploring it for the first time is an experience that will stay with me forever. I hope that you will enjoy some or all of my mods in your game, Cheers,