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PC Voice adds audio, SFX (sounds), voices to your player character.

Permissions and credits
Player Character Voice or (PC Voice)
This gives the player the chance to give their character a voice of there choice.

- Features -
Adds a selection of over 20 different voices to chose from.
Adds attack, hurt, sick, breathing, taunting, and other sound effects.
Support for OpenMW and all Morrowind Editions (EN, ES, DE, RU, ...)

- Detailed Features -
Voice of your choice to the Player
Six attack voice sounds played while attacking.
Six hit voice sounds when player been hit.
Jump voice sound when player jumps.
Two taunt voice sounds when player draws sword.
A sound when switching in and out of 1st person view.
Goodbye voice when you say Goodbye from menu when talked to by NPC.
(Must talk to NPC within 3 seconds of Greeting.)
A script to every Hello voice in the Dialogue section.
This script adds the ability for the NPC to tell when the player has his/her weapon drawn.
(The NPC will react to this threat and either Flee, Attack, or Taunt the Player.)
An idle voice sound effect to the Player.
An idle voice sound effect while a Werewolf.
Three replies for Vampires when greeted by the classic
(“A vampire! Go away!” greetings.)
A jump sound effect for the Werewolf form for the player.
A voice sound for the player when an NPC flees.
A voice sound for the player when caught stealing.
New addition of a sick sound played while sick only while Idle.
New breathing and heart sound effects in first person view.
(This uses the Fatigue effects script but altered to work with PC Voice and added new sounds.)

- Available Voices -
Argonian M/F Beth
ASH - The Evil Dead M
Bird Race Voice M/F
Breton M/F Beth
Dark Elf M/F Beth
Demon Male Voice
Dwarf Male
Evil God Male
Evil Goddess Female
High Elf M/F Beth
Imperial M/F Beth
Khajiit M/F Beth
Minotaur Male
Nord M/F Beth
Normal M/F
Old Wizard Male
Orc M/F Beth
Predator Voice
Redguard M/F Beth
Theif M/F
Vampire M/F
Wood Elf M/F Beth

- Fatigue Effects -
Adds a new panting and heart-beating sound effect when your character becomes fatigued.
A ratio system expresses your current fatigue level as a percentage of your maximum number of fatigue points.
This percentage is tied to the volume and pitch of the sound.
The sound gets louder and faster as your PC gets more tired and vice versa.
If you get tired the brightness of your game will slow down a bit.

- Not included Features
There are newer versions living in the wides of the Internet, but I couldn't find them till now.
As far as I get newer version of the Original PC Voice Collection I will port them and make them compatible with all Morrowind Editions.
Known not included features are
- New Vampire Female Sick Sound
- Fairy Female Sick Sound
- Fairy Female Voice
- Fairy Male Voice
- Mog Male Voice
- Good God Male
- High Elf Male Remake
- Wood Elf Female V2 Alternative
- Angels Voice
- Drago the Dragon Voice
- Drow Voice Male
- Johny Bravo Voice
- L.O.K Voice
- Normal Male Voice v3
- Normal Female Voice v3 & v4
- Rayne Voice
- All other features above v. 1.5

- Installation -
1. Unpack archive
2. Copy/Move the "PC Voice Complete.esp" into your
"Morrowind/Data Files" or "OpenMW/Data Files" directory.
If you are using OpenMW you free to use the "PC VOICE COMPLETEv1.5.omwaddon"
and copy it to your "OpenMW/OpenMW SAVEs/data" directory.
3. Copy chosen voice pack "PC-V" to "/Data Files/Sound/Vo/PC-V".
4. Enable the esp in you Launcher.
5. Enjoy!

- Optimal -
There are two optimal files!
The first one is for English subtitles and no fatigue effect (only Graphical).
The second one is for German subtitles and no fatigue effect (only Graphical).

- Update -
If you want to update your old installation of PC Voices, you are free to do,
but do not forget to disable your old esp in your Morrowind launcher!

- Requirements -

Morrowind or (OpenMW)

- Compatibility -
If you place the PC Voice Complete.esp after these mods, it should work!
Nudity Greetings
Morrowind Patch
Vampire Embrace
[PC Voice Complete.esp]

- Credits -
PC Voices Team
The Evil Dead Movie

Look in readme for more info or look at the ModHistory for outdated Modular PC Voice version: "here".