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This mod adds a lot of candles near the shrines and at the palace steps, left by pilgrims, as well as few flowers and petals near the shrines.

Permissions and credits
This mod was inspired by Holidays Across Tamriel by Lord Berandas. Holidays Across Tamriel is a well developed mod that uses scripts that adds various religious objects like icons, statues, candles and offerings to the Dunmeri Temples around the Vvanderfell few times a year. During one of the holidays, we have the opportunity to see Vivec's Palace's steps lit with some candles and offerings near the shrines.

This mod was created for people who don't use Holidays Across Tamriel for some reason, but still would like to see illuminated Palace in Vivec with candles everyday and every night as it adds spiritual and serene atmosphere to the one of the most sacred Dunmer sites in Morrowind.

This mod adds a lot of candles near the shrines and at the Palace steps, left by pilgrims, as well as few flowers and petals near the shrines. There's an optional file, "Illuminated Palace of Vivec - No Flowers.esp", that adds only candles, no flowers or petals. Use only one file at a time.

There is a probability that the mod can cause slight frame drop on low-end computers. I hadn't the opportunity to test it on a budget rig.

COMPATIBILITY (and info for MGE/MGSO users):
Illuminated Palace of Vivec is compatible with: Morrowind Rebirth, Dramatic Vivec, Vivec Expansion 2.0 & 3.1 Reworked, More Detailed Places and Animated Morrowind.

Illuminated Palace of Vivec is incompatible with Holidays Across Tamriel (obviously) and Redesigned Vivec as this mod overhauls the whole city (available on Morrowind Modding History webpage).

The mod requires just base game (Morrowind.esm). Mod has been cleaned with Enchanted Editor and TES3cmd.

INFORMATION FOR MGE/MGSO USERS: The candles can be too bright if you're using Morrowind Graphics Extender bundle, you can fix that by moving or removing "Light_Com_Candle_07.nif" from the Morrowind\Data Files\Meshes\l (small letter "L", for "light") as I did - the result is visible on the screenshots.

Illuminated Palace of Vivec, like all my other mods, resources and concepts, can be copied, modified, used in other mods, reuploaded and distributed on other sites WITHOUT my permission, you are free to use them as you want, I don't need a credit, you can even sign those mods and resources with your own name or nickname.

BUT if one of my mods uses external resources (models, meshes, textures and alike), please remember to put a credit for the author of those resources in your mod description.

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