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A mod that makes adventuring far more interesting by adding many new artifacts to the world of Morrowind.

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This mod adds various artifacts around the world of Morrowind using only base game assets and textures (Morrowind and Bloodmoon). A few are added to NPCs already in game and others are spread throughout the game. I felt that after your character gets to a point in the game it becomes so unrewarding to venture out that I rarely do it. So I created this mod to make adventuring more rewarding and to give it more of a meaning.
This Mod Includes:
54 new pieces of armor that you can venture out and find,
27 new pieces of clothing hidden throughout the land,
51 new weapons hidden and on NPC's,
And a few other new items such as repair hammers, new lockpicks and collectable misc items.

None of the new items have unique textures or meshes, all I wanted to do with this mod was make adventuring more interesting and rewarding.