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Small patch for NPC and Player.
This patch is reduces the size for BoundBoxes of all NPC.
+ male.
+ female.
+ beast races
+ optional tweak for animation
+ background for player into menu mode
Now they are haven't get the jamming in narrow places.

Permissions and credits
Changing Bounding Box size for all NPC and Player.
No jamming with NPC at doorways or else other sibling cases.

This is an old resource which using as part of Symphony Project.
May be it`s be useful for separate using and we create this file entry.

What`s do it:
It`s a patch for Base Animation files.
Ver. 1.1 all files at once archive.

- This files is an updated version of the BaseAnimation Files, which eliminated the jammings in narrow places to Player and NPC .
Like the doorway or other.

- Also, this files are fixed the Game crash if Player or NPC are using the Beast`s Races Armour or clothings.
Now You can using  for Human Races all armors which was created specifically for Beast Races.

- Also, all .NIF files has been optimized for decrease their size.

Simple version (from a comments)
Just install x_nif files only, it's will enough to Bounding Box changing.
.Kf files - all animations are here. If You not want to change the animation don't install these files.
.Nif files - only the skeleton is here. These files have an additional bones
to prevent some errors from some other plugins. Recommended to installation. Have no any animation.
X.nif files - have a changed Bound Boxes and background for menu mode behind the Player. Have no any animation.
xAnimFilesWithShadows - old version and not recommended to using. Just a primitive shadow model was saved here.

The files which was updated:
- Added New bones into Human skeleton.
- Decreased the size of Bounding Box.
- Removed all non used shapes\properties and other.

- replacer for KF files with animations (xbase_anim.kf)

xbase_anim.nif - BASE ANIMATION.

xbase_animkna.nif - beast races animation.


xbase_anim_female.nif - female animation.
Xanim_dancingGirl.nif - Suran`s girls animations. Just for the complect.

1. make backup of original files.
2. paste this files into DataFiles\Meshes folder.

1. delete these files.
2. restore original from becup.


This files may working with all other .KF files!
And This Thing makes possibility to working with this files all other third-party animations plugs*.
Like the original animations or full new, or some tweaked.
Yes, all animations of  NPC are include into KF files.

The NIF and Xnif files have no the skeletons animations.

*Of course, may be the unknown problems but it`s unknown to me.

This archive contain a small tweaked  .KF file of the Base Animation.

This file is a part of Symphony, also.

So, This .KF are tweak some animation groups! It`s make the animation as more Living.

Added a new animation for these groups:
- all melee weapons and Bow Idles.
- Hand to Hand idle.
- crossbow idle and shooting. Now You can`t to bowing to ground.
- Torch Idle.
- could be something else, but I forgot it. :D

1. make copy of original KF file.
2. paste this file into DataFiles\Meshes folder.

1. delete this file.
2. restore original from the copy.