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Belial is a Daedric companion with unique dialogue, who will try to persuade you that the world is a bad place.

Permissions and credits
Part of the Morrowind Modathon.

Belial -- A Dismal Daedric Companion v 1.0.3
By HangHimHigher
Elder Scrolls Forum: I go by the name "HangHimHigher", and you can message me via that name.
Email:[email protected]
Please feel free to contact me with any questions, bugs, typos, suggestions for improvement or any other feedback on the mod!

Have you ever suddenly wished that your world was a little more depressing?

Have you ever played through Morrowind with a companion who travelled with you and fought alongside you, and thought, "that was pretty cool, but I would have liked them better if they had constantly tried to convince me that life is meaningless." ?

If you answered yes to any of the above... perhaps invest in a therapist... but apart from that, you're in luck!

This is a small companion mod featuring a Daedric companion who will try to convince you that the world is a bad place.

Change log
- v1.0
- v1.0.1
- fixes a dialogue loop and an embarassing gender mismatch
- v1.0.3
- revamped Belial's companion scripts
- some typos fixed
- clothing choice function added
- custom mesh for Belial's amulet
- updated credits

- Modern companion features:
Warping, teleport rings, choosing how they fight, etc.
- Unique dialogue:
Belial has a fair bit of unique dialogue for different cells, responses to different factions, and a few in-depth multiple-response conversations. 
 Many other NPCs may also respond to Belial too.  Usually negatively.  People don't like Daedra roaming around the streets.
Unfortunately, this mod is not quite big enough for Belial to have full quest commentary like Julan, but he/she still has quite a bit of personality!
- Quests:
Just a couple of quests, but each with a fair bit of dialogue, backstory and personality.  There is even a tiny bit of character development and heartwarming fuzzy feelings (in amongst the depression).
And a bonus little "collector" type quest at the end!
- You can choose whether Belial is a boy or a girl.  Makes very little dialogue difference, but can be a big deal for role-playing, I guess?
- ... that's it, really.  Look, it's not an enormous mod, but I tried to make an atmospheric companion mod in ~3 days!  It's hard work!

Installation and Requirements
This mod requires the Tribunal and Bloodmoon expansions.

Before you install it, you need to choose which .esp file you would like to use.

NON3.Belial.v1.0.3_m.esp-This is the male version of Belial.
NON3.Belial.v1.0.3_f.esp-This is the female version of Belial.  There is literally only a single word of dialogue difference between the two, but I wanted to keep it open!

Choose which .esp file you would like to use.  You should not under any circumstances try to use both at once.

Install the mod by copying all of the folders in the 'Data Files' directory, including the .esp file which you have chosen, paste them into your Morrowind Data Files directory of choice, and activate the .esp file prior to playing.

This mod does not require you to start a new save game, unless you have already gone and killed Khash-Ti Dhrur in Mournhold (in which case adding this will probably do weird things, like bring Khash-Ti back from Oblivion).  However, I have only tested it with new save games.  So while problems *shouldn't* arise from adding the mod into an existing game, I can't guarantee that they *won't*.  If you decide to add the mod to a new save game, consider making a copy of your save file as a backup beforehand.

May conflict with mods which alter or heavily use Norenen-Dur and Khash-Ti Dhrur (both in Tribunal).  No specific mods known.

If you do discover any other mod conflicts, please let me know!  If it's feasible, I could make a patch for you, or at least make a note of it here.

FAQ [or QIABAF -- questions I anticipate being asked frequently]
Q:Is this mod clean?
A:This mod has been cleaned by both TESAME and TES3CMD.

Q:How do I start the mod?
A:Talk to people in Maar Gan.  Also, note that sometimes to get quests, you have to wait around and spend some time with the companion.  It doesn't all happen at once.

Q:What level should I be to play this mod?
A:This mod is designed for high level characters.  To obtain the companion involves going somewhere dangerous, and the companion him/herself is quite powerful and may imbalance the game for low level players.  Also, the quest rewards may be overpowered for low level characters.  There are one or two optional but hard fights.

Also, one (optional) quest will force the player to go to a certain Daedric ruin beneath Mournhold, which will require significant progression through the Tribunal expansion.  There is no time limit for this quest, so you can just wait until you get there, or not do it at all, if you don't have access to those ruins.

Q:Is this mod lore friendly?
A:Lore friendly-ish?  I added a few small details to the history / mythos, but I think they're small enough and conceivable enough that they won't cause too many headaches.

Q:Are there any bugs/problems with this mod?
A:None that I know of, but I bugtested this at 4am.  Mistakes probably slipped through, and I'm very sorry for any dialogue loops or other odd bugs which come up.  Please report anything "amiss" back to me, and I'll get on it.

Also, I write in "British English", which I understand doesn't fit with the "American English" you see in the rest of Morrowind...

Q:Seriously, how depressing is this mod?  Will it make me sad?
A:Probably not, but if ideas about nihilism and the futility of life trouble you, or if you have mental health concerns, you may find some parts of the mod a little disconcerting.  There's nothing wrong with looking out for your state of mind, so go and play another of my mods instead, like Road to Mournhold!  It's got 0 depression and two dumb skooma smugglers.

Other messages
I'm always keen on feedback, but I'm especially keen on feedback for this mod, because it's a companion mod!  I'm working on a massive companion mod WIP which will have many more features than this mod, so I'd love to have any feedback on the companion aspects for incorporation into the future project.  Any features you wished were in there?  How can I make the conversations more immersive?

What else would you like to see?  If there is enough demand, I may expand this mod a bit.  I ended up liking Belial more than I thought I would.

Useage, Distribution, Permissions and Disclaimer
None of these resources are mine -- please download them from their original modpacks!  Ask me for help if you're not sure which one.

You may distribute, host, upload etc this mod anywhere as long as you:
a) don't change anything; i.e. upload the archive exactly as you downloaded it with all files and the readme present.
b) keep crucial details such as the mod author (me) and the version number of the mod visible; and
c) don't charge anyone money for it.  Just generally please don't do mean things.

I've tried my best to make this mod safe to use, but I can't take responsibility for any adverse effect which comes from you downloading and/or playing this mod.  I can't take responsibility for any good thing which comes of it either!  It's all on you!

Credits and Thank Yous
My mods would suck so bad without resources.  Seriously.  My thanks to everyone below...

Kalikut:For their super stylish, super bleak black hooded robes, which fit the mopey Daedra perfectly.

Oriphier:For their awesome Daemon Race resource.  It came out years ago, and yet it still looks brand new!  Thanks for giving Belial a body and a face (or two).

Darkelfguy:For immeasurable contributions to the MW community.  Were it not for you, I never would have made Love in the Time of Daedra, or this mod.  Thank you very much for all that you do!

Abot, Kateri, Stuporstar and Melian:For their scripting brilliance which I have and will continue to leech off

Everyone on the forums:For being entertaining, supportive and lovely.

Bethesda:For the only game that's ever gotten me hooked.

You:For being interested enough to download and read this far.  I really do hope that you get something out of the mod.

That's it!