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Find and help Feyiin in the Bitter Coast, get a home and a few trinkets and nifty items sorters to keep you inventory and home tidy

Permissions and credits

This mod adds an NPC, Feyiin to the region around Seyda Neen. He needs help and will reward you for your efforts.

Feyiin has a small cave somewhere between Seyda Neen and Pelagiad and you are welcome to use it.

The quest is meant for starter characters and takes place in the Bitter Coast only. The rewards for the quest are balanced: overall, the items you get during and after the quest amount to 500g roughly. They include some potions, a few scrolls, a couple of soul gem, 2 enchanted items (nothing uber), an Amulet to teleport back to the cave and a tunnel that takes the player to Balmora.

The cave has 2 rooms: 
- living area with table, oven, water keg (compatible with Ashfall) and storage.
- bedroom area with bed, storage and  MWSE sorters (ingredients, potions, scrolls, books, soul gems, lights and clothes).

The exterior:
- workbench (compatible with Realistic repairs)
- containers and MWSE sorters (armour, weapons, ammo, hammers, lockpicks and probes)
- a firepit compatible with Ashfall
- steps to the water (to bathe or to collect water)
- additional storage

Use your preferred mod manager to install or drop the content of the zip in your Data Files folder.
Choose the best version for you:
Version 1.1 no MWSE requirements, basic ingredient sorter (vanilla ingredeints only), NoM facilities
Version 1.4 More sorters (including mod-added items), improved outdoor area, Ashfall and Realistic Repair compatibility MWSE required. Without MWSE, you still get pretty, labelled containers but no sorters

Version 1.0
- Original release
Version 1.1
Streamlines the dialogues plus minor tweaks
Version 1.2
- cleaned up Feyiin's dialogue
- added workbench outside (compatible with Realistic Repair by Merlord and its addon by Corsair83)
- removed landscape modifications
- added MWSE sorter for potions and ingredients
- changed NoM barrel for (Ashfall) kegstand
Version 1.3
- fixed dialogue spelling and typos
- tidied scripts
Version 1.4
- added MWSE sorters for clothes, lights, soul gems, scrolls, books, armor, weapons, hammers, lockpicks and probes with matching containers.
- improved the exterior (containers, steps to the water, firepit, containers)

Silveri for the furniture pack
KEY for a door
Korana for a bed and medieval tapestry
Tommy Khajiit for the picture frame.
RX31 for the sitting animation
Ren for the Feyiin's hair from the Oblivion hair pack
Emma for Feyiin's head
Information about plants taken from The Imperial Library.
LondonRook for the workbench model and a few containers (hammers, lockpicks, ammunition)
NelothMouth for the Animated Soul Gem models
Corsair and Merlord for Realistic Repairs
Greatness7 for the sorting script template
NullCascade for MWSE 2.1 and scripting help
Thanks to Jarulf, Alaisiagae, Jac, Arkgnt and Fable2 for bug reports, tips and suggestions.