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                                                            Apothecary's Demise
                                         If you are having a bug where the quest won't start,  update to the 1.1 version!
                                                                            A quest and Player Home mod
                                                          "A random winner of the Morrowind Modathon Month"!
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Apothecary's Demise is a quest mod (For any level but +11 for dungeon) about choice, that starts in the quaint abode in the Ascadian Isles. Upon entering this nice Apothecary's Abode, you are greeted with a dead apothecary, and a note written in his dying breath.  The note reads: "Don't go in the cellar, under any circumstance!". Blood is covering the note. What is hidden in the cellar? What sort of secrets are hiding behind the walls? During this quest, you will continue to discover about the house, and its odd, dead inhabitant, Naio. You meet Naio's sister Narsi, and tell her of the Apothecary's demise. You say: "Naio wanted you to have this ring". She knows what this means. He's done it. Years of work leading up to this moment... and now he's dead. This quest mod features a growing home, that will act as a player home, and the main quest area. This quest also features a large dungeon, designed for players around level +11.

Endorse if you enjoyed! Feedback would be appreciated!

Mod Features:
- A quest featuring choice
- A player home with new features as quest progresses
- New large dungeon, with lots of loot 
- A unique "valdir"- like weapon
- More!

How to start the quest? : Head to the Apothecary's Abode on a peninsula, just a little north of Pelagiad.

Need help with the quest? : Check the QuestGuide, next to the readme in the folder!

Compatibility issues: Minor land issues with Morrowind Rebirth, nothing gamebreaking. Minor issues with Korobal island, nothing gamebreaking.

Bugs: N/A


   MatthewTheBagel for the mod
  Bethesda for Morrowind
  Katana3DG for the Valdir weapon meshes/textures/icons

Contact: [email protected]