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A leveling mod, GCD realism + MADD simplicity + zero performance impact.

Permissions and credits
MCC Leveler
by mg979
Version 1.8
Requirements: latest MGE-XE contains everything you need.
Tested with MCP 2.4.


Version 1.8: rewrote initialization scripts, to fix a potential bug.
Simplified and restructured other scripts. Magicka regeneration is not enabled
with quick initialization. Updated Excel sheet. Tested only with last MGE + MWSE 2.1.
Not savegame compatible!

Version1.7b: fix for constant bonus/penalties(curses or diseases), now it always restores
attributes after a new drain effect, unless there's been a damage or there is a constant



With this mod I tried to unite the simpleness of use of MADD Leveler and the realism of GDC. I was a fan of
GDC, at least of the concepts behind the mod. But when I first run it, endless questions and stuff to set just to get
started. There were too many different versions, and reports of crashes and weirdness. So, in short, I made my own, and
here it is.



To activate and configure the mod: Alt+M+L in inventory menu.

If you choose Quick Start, mod will be installed with default values. Once it's initialized, if you want to change
settings and reinitialize it, select 'Revert changes'. You can also do this to perform a clean uninstallation.




Is it compatible with mod x?
It should be compatible with everything. There could be inconsistences with birthsign mods.

Will it affect my frame rate?
I took special care in making it absolutely weightless. All scripts only run during sleep.
Magicka regeneration updates every 2s.

Is it compatible with MCP uncapped skills and attributes?
Yes 100%. Skills and attributes may go after 100. It's actually recommended that you enable that feature.

Do I have to activate everything?
No, all components are independent from each other, and can be used in any
combination. You can use extra options without initializing the leveler, but
if you do this and then you revert changes, all other features will be inactivated
and you will have to activate them again. State-based health is an
exception in that it's an irreversible process.

Does it make the game more difficult?
It depends on the settings you choose, but to increase difficulty is not
the goal of this mod.


Main features

All features are optional and configurable.

Skill-based leveler

- Attributes are calculated on the base of your starting values and your skills. The proportion of these two elements
is defined by the 'Starting Attribute Factor' (SAF) that you can configure.

- So, skill advancement directly influences attribute advancement. Not at level-up, but continuously.

- Skills aren't governed by a single attribute, and each skill influences the development of more than one attribute in
different proportions. You can think of it this way: when you fight with a sword, you don't use just your strength,
but also your agility, and maybe your speed. When you haggle with a merchant, your personality is important, but why
not intelligence? Etc. You can read all this in the included Excel file.

State-based health & Magicka regeneration

- Your HPs depend on your current stats only, and Endurance gains are retroactive. A magicka regeneration option is
also included.

Skills decay

- After a certain number of days (default 7), skills you didn't train in will drop by 1 point.


The bare minimum you should know

- Once the leveler is initialized, attributes are recalculated on the base of your
starting attribute, and the skills that would influence that attribute's growth,
plus a bonus depending on the difficulty level.

- Starting Attribute Factor(SAF): you can choose the fraction of your starting
attributes that is transferred to the new values. The rest is contributed by skills.
Recommended value: 50 or more.

- Increase your skills to increase your attributes. Less SAF, more influence
from Skills. More SAF, higher starting attributes, but more static character.

- Difficulty: another fraction of your starting attributes can be transferred
'for free'. Easy is 1/2, Normal 1/4, Hard 1/8, Very Hard 0.

- Each skill influences the development more than one attribute at a time, and in
different proportions. For instance, Long Blade helps increasing Strength, Agility,

- You still get attribute points at level-up to distribute, but no multipliers (1x).

- There is an included Excel sheet where you can learn more and test your builds.


More in depth

-Skills aren't governed by a single attribute, and each skill influences the
development of more than one attribute in different proportions.

-Some skills influence certain attributes more than others. Some skills may
be very focused on a certain attribute, while other may spread their
influence over more attributes in a more even way.

-The mod cannot detect which your major and minor skills are, but when the
mod is first started, skills that are over 30 pts are considered 'major',
and their influence on attribute advancement will be multiplied by 3. Skills
with over 15 pts will be considered 'minor', and their influence on
attribute advancement will be multiplied by 2.

-This has two important consequences, one positive and one negative. The
negative side is that if you don't start a new game or have a relatively
fresh character, this mod can make your character slightly (or heavily)
overpowered. The positive side is that also racial and specialization
bonuses have their say in the character advancement, since you can reach 15
points in a skill without it being selected as a minor skill at character

-Another difference is that Luck is a living attribute. It is considered as a
measure of the favour of the Divines, and it is influenced by skills like
Mysticism or Conjuration, through which you establish a link with the
otherworldly forces, and by many other skills in a smaller way. The TOTAL
influence of all skills is PERFECTLY evenly distributed among attributes.
This means that if you raise all of your skills by 100, all of your
attributes will be raised in the same way (but remember that skills that are
considered major or minor have an increased influence).

There are two Esps for each variant (MWSE standard/alpha).

The normal version doesn't include extra GMST changes, but there are no level-up
multipliers (all set at 1). If you use this version, it is recommended that you
also use some mod that tweaks some settings (BTB Improvements or similar).
I especially recommend a setting to increase training cost, because cheap
training can dramatically change the natural progression of a character's


The 'More GMSTs' version includes some other GMSTs. The changes are:

-skill advancement rates for major/minor skills are slightly slower (from
0.75/1 to 1/1.25 respectively), the one for misc skills is even slower (from
1.25 to 2).

-slower armor skills advancement rate (3/4).

-training cost increased by 50% (from 10 to 15). This is recommended since
skills can have a big impact on your attributes values.

-picking locks is harder, as it is disarming traps. Security advances faster,

-less gold from sold potions (iAlchemyMod from 2 to 1).

-more difficult to remain unseen (fSneakViewMult to 2 from 1.5), but sneak
advancement is easier, especially while pickpocketing.

-merchant gold isn't reset after one day, but after three days.

-armorer improves slightly faster

You may have other mods that change the same GMSTs, so it will depend on your
load order which settings will be used. For example, if you use BTB Improvements
(that alters far more settings than this mod), some of them will be different
(notably gold from potions, training cost, and merchant gold reset time).

Choose the version that you prefer, but keep in mind that this mod absolutely
needs the level up GMSTs to work properly, so this mod, in any case, should be
loaded AFTER other GMST-changing mods.

All changed GMSTs in detail ('More GMSTs' version), default in brackets:

fBarterGoldResetDelay 72 (24h)
fMaiorSkillBonus1 (0.75)
fMinorSkillBonus1.25 (1)
fMiscSkillBonus 2 (1.25)
fPickLockMult-1.25 (-1)
fSneakViewMult 2 (1.5)
fTrapCostMuIt-0.5 (0)
iAlchemyMod 1 (2)
iTrainingMod 15 (10)

Acrobatics: jump/fall 0.1/5 (0.15/3)
Alchemy: potion/ingredient use 1.5/0.5 (2/0.5)
Armorer: progression 0.6(0.4)
Athletics: run/swim0.01/0.05(0.02/0.03)
Armor skills/Unarmored: progression 0.75 (1)
Security: trap/lock5/2.5 (3/2)
Sneak: sneak/pickpocket 0.5/5 (0.25/2)


In short, how attributes are calculated.


Attributes are the result of:

DF+SAF +Skills
(difficulty) (0-99%) (100 - SAF)%

DF (Difficulty Factor) depends on the difficulty level you choose.
It's a fraction of your starting values that is guaranteed independently of
anything else. This value ranges from 1/2 (Easy) to 0 (Very Hard).

SAF (Starting Attribute Factor) is the role of starting values in defining the
new values. If 50, it means that another 50% of your starting value is
transferred to the new value. The rest (another 50% in this case) is contributed
by skills. If the Starting Attribute Factor is 0, your attributes values will be
entirely defined by your skills (except the guaranteed value from the difficulty

This means also that at start your character will have very low attributes, and
it's not really recommended. Attribute increase progression is faster, though,
and you can more easily reach values over 100 (if MCP option is enabled). A
value of 99, on the other hand, means that your starting attributes values will
never change throughout the game. They start at a higher value than
in vanilla, and you'll still be able to increase them with level up points.

You will still gain 3 points to distribute at level up, but no skill
multipliers. This will allow you to adjust some attributes to an higher level
that your skills would allow.

Attributes are recalculated every time you sleep, on the base of your current
skills, starting values and Starting Attribute Factor.


More in detail, how attributes are calculated.

Three things are important:

After having taken in account SAF and difficulty bonus, the rest is contributed by
skills. How? As I said, each skill can contribute to the advancement of more attributes,
in different proportions. There are 27 skills and 8 attributes. I assigned 80 points to
each skill, and distributed these points into the attributes they influence.
Each attribute will receive 270 points from the various skills.

The formula for the different attributes is the same, the skills that take part
to the formula change. For example, this is the Strength formula with Normal difficulty:

iSTR = initial Strength SAF = Starting Attribute Factor

DF + SAF + Skills =

= iSTR/4 + iSTR*SAF/100 +

+ Skills / ( 270 / ( 1 - SAF/100 ) )

Skills is the sum of the contributions to Strength from
the various skills (each skill = 80 points distributed among different
attributes), multiplied for the skill multiplier (SM from now, 1 for misc skills, 2
for minor skills, 3 for major skills).

Example, Armorer. 80 points distributed as follows: 30 STR, 5 INT, 10 WIL, 5
SPE, 30 END. So Armorer contributes for 30 points in the Strength calculation
(x1 if misc, x2 if minor, etc.).

Back to the Strength formula, now it will look as follows:

CombatSkills = Armorer*30*SM + Athletics*10*SM + Axe*30*SM + Block*10*SM ... + Spear*30*SM
MagicSkills = 0
StealthSkills = Marksman*20*SM + ShortBlade*10*SM + HandToHand*25*SF

Their sum will be divided by

( 270 / ( 1 - SAF/100 ) )

For a SAF of 50, this will be = 540, so:

iSTR/4 + iSTR/2 +
+ ( Armorer*30*SM + Athletics*10*SM + ... + HandToHand*25*SM) / 540

Low SAF means low initial attribute average, high dependence on skills, high
spread over attributes. High SAF means high initial attributes, no dependence on
skills, low spread. Makes PCs more static, if you're after that. And it will
make the late game definitely more difficult. I think 50 is a good compromise.

Note: increasing the SAF makes the game more difficult, because skills will
help less. If you increase the SAF, you'd better select a lower difficulty

With the Excel file I provided, you'll be able to test your builds.


Some example builds (HARD difficulty, SAF 50)


Dunmer Barbarian

Vanilla stats:
Str 50, Int 40, Wil 30, Agi 40, Spe 60, End 40, Per 30, Luc 40

Mod Stats:
Str 56, Int 31, Wil 31, Agi 46, Spe 56, End 55, Per 24, Luc 33

You can see that starting stats are more in line with what you would expect
from a melee-oriented character: higher strength, speed and endurance,
reduced intelligence, personality and luck (that has a 'mystical'
flavour in this mod and is influenced by skills as other attributes).

Breton Mage

Vanilla stats:
Str 40, Int 60, Wil 60, Agi 30, Spe 30, End 30, Per 40, Luc 40

Mod Stats:
Str 27, Int 65, Wil 64, Agi 23, Spe 24, End 23, Per 58, Luc 54

Very different scenario (and slightly suicidal build, probably): slight
increase in Intelligence and Willpower (they were quite high already),
big boost to Personality and Luck, at the expenses of the physical


State-based health and Magicka regeneration

Magicka regeneration is activated automatically if you choose Quick Start, State-based
health can be activated in the configuration menu.

The State-based health present in this mod differs from other ones in two
particulars. First, Willpower-based characters are less penalized. In fact:

-for starting health, if WIL>STR, formula won't be (STR+END)/2, but
(STR/2+END+WIL/2)/2, that is, Willpower will contribute as much as Strength.

-at level up, if WIL>END, formula for new hit points won't be END/10, but
(END/2 + WIL/2)/10. Willpower will count as Endurance in calculating new HPs.

I made these changes because a system where you cannot pump up Endurance easily
will favor fighter-type characters, and pure mages would be extremely penalized
compared to vanilla. It's not a huge bonus but it should help them.

Second, it can detect your favored attributes. This means some 5-10 more HPs, if
one or both your favored attributes are involved in the starting HPs formula.

If your character is at level 1 (new character), then the base attributes will
be directly considered. In this case, it is better that you activate State-based
Health after having initialized the leveler, so that your base health will be
calculated on the base of the new attributes.

If the character isn't at level 1, starting HPs will be then derived from a pre-
made table of starting attributes per race, and not from your current
attributes. Favoured attributes will still be considered, though.

Magicka regeneration is more straightforward. Regeneration speed is based on
Willpower and max Magicka, as in other Magicka regeneration mods. Formula is:

Willpower * Max Magicka * Multiplier
/ 100 / 100

For the multiplier there are 3 options (slightly faster=0.75x, default=1,
faster=1.5x) or you can disable the extra regeneration.

Characters with Willpower < 50 have slower regeneration. Their WP is
considered WP*WP/50 of their real WP.


Skills Decay


Disabled by default. After a number of days that you can configure (default 7
for quick initialize), skills you didn't train in will drop of 1 point. Skills
will never drop under their starting value, and will only drop if you didn't
make any progress (1 full point) in the defined time interval.


Quick Initialize


You can choose to initialize with default values in the config menu. As of v1.7,
these values are:

- Normal difficulty (bonus 1/4 of vanilla starting values)
- SAF 50
- Skills decay: every week

Nor Magicka regeneration, or State-based health are activated by default.


Final Notes and Warnings (MWSE non-Alpha only):

This mod updates your stats when you sleep. It will only change your attributes
and never your skills. But to check your skill values, skill fortifying effects
active on your character are removed. This means that if you have a constant
effect on you given by items, you'll need to re-equip the item again to restore
the effect on yourself. This could also mean that if the effect is given by
abilities such as modified birthsigns, then I don't know what could happen. Your
fortifying effect could be lost permanently, I mean, but I'm not aware of
anything that could cause such an occurrence.


Change log:

Version 1.8: rewrote initialization scripts, to fix a potential bug.
Simplified and restructured other scripts. Magicka regeneration is not enabled
with quick initialization.

Version 1.7: fix for bug that causes attribute damage when a fortify spell/potion is
used on top of a running "drain attribute" spell. Not sure this mod was the cause,
but it should be a less common situation now. State-based health isn't activated by
default anymore.

Version 1.6d: hopefully fixed a bug that messed stats in certain circumstances after

Version 1.6b: some fixes

Version 1.6: fixed bugs from previous version. Configurable skill decay
system. Adjusted starting HPs for difficulty level. Tweaked Magicka
regeneration for low-Willpower characters. Quick initialize.

Version 1.5b: fixed magicka regeneration in menus

Version 1.5: prevent starting mod before character generation is complete; added
configurable state-based health and magicka regeneration; added Very Easy
difficulty option; auto-launch with default settings (can still be adjusted in
the configuration menu)(MWSE Alpha); fixed and updated xls file; better readme.

Version 1.4: added a MWSE Alpha version, that doesn't rely on RemoveEffects
(therefore much safer to use). Now when you revert changes you can choose to
keep your initial skill multipliers, so that you can change difficulty or
settings in your current game without messing up your stats. Removed most GMSTs
from the base version. Should be compatible with older versions (you'll get a
warning but just press 'yes'), but the revert changes fix won't work as
intended. It's not necessary unless you want to reinitialize the mod for some
reason (eg. difficulty change). For it to work, you need to: 1. update 2. revert
changes 3. write down attributes that changed from game start (increases from
level up) and bring them back to starting values from the console 4.
reinitialize 5. add back manually those points via console. Sorry for this, but
previous version mistakenly didn't remember your starting attributes, that were
reinitialized if you reverted changes and initialized again.

Version 1.3: fixed a number of issues, some introduced by 1.2. Sorry for the
problems caused. Now correctly removing skill fortifications before calculating
attributes values. Fixed stats mess after resting if game has been reloaded and
if points had been gained. Removed some redundant skill tweaks from the ex-
normal version (now called 'more GMST'). Fixed some GMSTs. The esp that before
was called 'Less GMST' has become the normal version. Crossing fingers, it
should be finally working as intended.

Version 1.2: any increase of the base attribute (eg level up points) will be
preserved after sleeping (it wasn't working before). Added the option to revert
changes for clean uninstallation of the mod (you won't get back the lost
multipliers from level ups, quite obviously).

Version 1.1.1: updated xls file.

Version 1.1: I screwed the first release as usual. Introduced a difficulty level
that affects how much of your starting attribute is automatically transferred to
the new value, independently from all other factors. I didn't update the xls
file, that still refers to what now is the 'Easy' difficulty.


My other mods and projects:

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Comfortable Stashing for Fallout 3
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