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"Part of the May Modathon Month!"

Full Release! Go fly a dwemer TARDIS!

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"Part of the May Modathon Month!" <- WINNER of Week 1 :D

Note:: Updated to Full Release!

A nod to Doctor Who and his T.A.R.D.I.S! This was also a self-challenge of sorts. I gave myself no more than 48 hours to make this mod and complete the basics and some decoration, and I came in at about 33 hours. I will come back to spenda little more time making a few additional rooms as further nods to TARDIS rooms we've seen in Doctor Who, but this will be after the May Modathon  has ended.

T.A.S.B. - Time And Space Bubble, an homage to the T.A.R.D.I.S. (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space) from Doctor Who, I wanted to make my own little tip of the hat to that great series. Discover a Dwemeri machine that is the peak of their engineering, even if not fully functional after so many ages of neglect. It's bigger on the inside!

Periodic updates will come to add a few more rooms to this project. I've included a few nods to the series that should be fairly easy to find. Hope everyone enjoys the mod.

The T.A.S.B. is located just west of Vivec's Hlaalu Canton.
-Locations you can move between are:
 -Sadrith Mora
 -Dagon Fel
 -Red Mountain
 -Raven Rock
 -Skaal Village