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A small overhaul of Falensarano, adding upon and expanding the ruins inside and out.

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- The Ruined Stronghold -

 I've been working on Morrowind mods for a while now, but I hadn't had the chance to mess around with Stronghold tilesets yet. So for this mod I've expanded on the ruins of Falensarano. Why Falensarano? No reason in particular. I suppose I wanted to round out the southwestern edge of the Grazelands, but on top of that, the Strongholds don't really have a lot of lore behind them other than being Dunmer fortifications, and there aren't really any massive Dunmer ruins.

This isn't a major mod, but I thought it would be fun to explore an ancient ash-covered Dunmer city and a labyrinthian dungeon. 

On a lore note: while making this mod, I operated under the assumption that the Dunmer Strongholds are actually late Chimer-era fortifications built for the purpose of fighting off Dwemer and Nordic hordes. As such, there are many shrines and statues built of the Anticipations, and several Old Mournhold assets being used.