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"There are no roads or tracks in the Grazelands, but travel is easy across the rolling plains." - Morrowind Dialogue

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One of my mods inspired by this thread.

Item C-003
"The regular rain and dark soils of the Grazelands produce the rich grazing for Ashlander herds that gives the region its name.
The region lies in the northeast of Vvardenfell, sandwiched between the Ashlands and Azura's Coast. Permanent settlements include Vos village and the towers of Tel Vos and Tel Fyr. The Ashlanders of Zainab camp move their herds across the plains in search of fresh grazing. There are no roads or tracks, but travel is easy across the open plains."

Source: Morrowind Dialogue, topic "Grazelands"

So, I went and removed the road textures from all the Grazelands, except the immediate area around Vos and Tel Vos, replacing them with grass textures.
Also removed the roadmarkers, there's not much point in them without roads.

Now, I didn't modify the actual landscape, so you still can make out the original roads (although now the look more like shallow ravines or gullies). They are even more visible if you use a grass mode - I think I'll do something with it.

Requires Land Texture Fix 2.0 by Slartibartfast - if you don't have this mod you probably should. It removes the annoying land texture seams caused by Morrowind's bad texture blending system. This is apparently fixed in OpenMW, so I'll probably roll out an alternate version without the dependency once OpenMW hits 1.0. Till then, please bear with it.

For even better experience, try out Grass For Trackless Grazeland mod too, if you use grass mods!

Please tell me if you find any missed road textures or bad land coloring.