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Chargen Revamped is a replacement for two great mods: Alternate Beginnings 2 by Bluebit and Char Maker by zerocyde. You will now start the game in a new location, and given a choice on how your story begins. You will now also be able to edit your stats to create the character you've always wanted!

Permissions and credits
****Requires Bloodmoon and Tribunal*****

by Mitokandria (Pwin)
1. Installation  
2. Description/Use  
3. Compatibility  
4. Contact and Usage  
5. Credits  
6. Version History  


NOTE: This mod requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon.

To install the plugin, download, unzip , and copy all files inside the foler into your Morrowind/Data Files directory.  
Chargen Revamped is a replacement for two great mods: Alternate Beginnings 2 by Bluebit and Char Maker by zerocyde. Each of these mods altered the

same script, and are not compatible - until now.  
Alternate Beginnings 2 allowed the player to choose various locations and situations to begin your story. Character Maker allowed the player to

have complete control over starting stats and skills.
Use: Launch Morrowind, and at the startup screen before pressing Start, click Data files and activate the esp. (Note: You will have to deactive

these mods-Alternate Beginnings, Alternate Beginnings 2, Character Maker, and/or any previous versions of CharGen Revamped.)
You will now start the game in a new location, and given a choice on how your story begins. You will now also be able to edit your stats to create

the character you've always wanted!

To start the main quest talk to Sellus Gravius at the Census and Concise Office in Seyda Neen about duties. He will direct you to the package on

his desk.

You can now also choose between:
'Quick Beginning', which will skip most of Chargen.
'Normal Beginning', the (mostly) original beginning
'Custom Beginning', Choose your own beginning.  
Back by popular demand is also the starting item editor, which will allow you to choose what kind of items you start out with. The starting

choices include:  

- Random
- Exploring around Dagon Fel  
- Stepping onto the docks at Ebonheart  
- Getting something to eat in Caldera  
- Browsing the market as Gnisis  
- Drowning in a shipwreck on the east coast  
- Hiding from the law (75 bounty)  
- Diving for pearls near Pelagiad  
- Hunting in the Grazelands  
- Working in the fields  
- Collecting ingredients on the Bitter Coast  
- Grave Robbing in a tomb near Balmora  
- Studying in the Balmora Mages Guild  
- Gathering firewood in the Wilderness  
- In prison at Vivec  
- Shipwrecked on a beach  
- Fighting a battle in the Vivec Arena (immediate battle)  
- Setting up camp near Khuul  
- Working as a commoner in Maar Gan  
- Shaking Down Fargot (still being tweaked)
- Fishing in Hla Oad (still being tweaked)
- Mining in Caldera (not finalized, but works)
- Enjoying Desele's House of Earthly Delight (still being tweaked)

More Notes (hurray!):  
-Maximum of 60 stat points is allowed in stat editor  
-Maximum of 15 skill points is allowed in skill editor  
-There is no 'back' feature in the stat and skill editors  
-This mod is complatable with Galsiah's Character Development. It is not  
necessary to use the Chargen Revamped patch that comes with it.  
-Eisenfaust's patch (CRv2_1a_Patch) is no longer needed. Activating it will  
replace the changes of v2.3.  
-Any mod that modifies the CharGen scripts will conflict with this mod. (examples of mods that will conflict: Alternate Beginnings,  
Char Maker, Quick Char, Immersive Chargen)  
-The items in the census and excise office have had the scripts edited. So any mod that also edits these scripts (and loads after this mod) will


I think this covers everything. But if something comes up please send a PM on the official Bethesda forums to Pwin or through Nexusmods to

4. Contact & Usage  
Please feel free to use this mod and scripts however you wish. As long as you give credit to me(Pwin/Mitokandria), Bluebit (author of Alternate

Beginnings 2), Zerocyde (author of Character Maker), Eisenfaust (thanks for the patching!), and Evermoon (author of Alternate Beginnings) in the

readme. :)
If you have any questions/comments/suggestions you may contact me on the official bethesda forums. My username is Pwin.
5. Credits  
This is where I give credit where credit is due.  
A special thanks goes out to evermoon and zerocyde for letting the community use their content - Thanks!
Thanks to Bluebit for making Alternate Beginnings 2! I don't know how I ever lived (in Morrowind) without it!
Thanks also go out to Zerocyde again, for creating Character Maker! Now I can use your mod along side Alternate Beginnings for the ultimate RP

My inspiration and gratitude go out to gman21 for making the first Chargen_Revamped! Without peeping at your scripts modifications I would have

been lost for a good long time.
The OpenMW Community for helping debug my horrible teenager written script.

And extra special thanks to Eisenfaust for helping me debug and patch quite a few problems.  
6. Version History  
-Slightly modified dialogue for Sellus Gravius. Duties: "You know your duties. Take the package to..." to "You know your duties. Take the package on the table to..."
-Fixed a typo in the AB2 Start Instructions note. "instuctions" to "instructions".
-Had to add Bloodmoon as a requirement. Noticed a year old report that some of the beginnings use bloodmoon objects.

-Bug Fixes! Goddess this script was horribly written. Fixed Quick Beginning error where PC was stuck in a room with a door.
-Fixed error where adding more custom beginnings was also giving the stuck in a room error. Look for more beginnings to come!
-Implemented unfinished custom beginnings. They are not quite finalized, but they work!
-Eisenfaust's patch was merged into the esp. (thank you MW Modding History)

-Brought back racial bonuses. (Would like feedback on this.)  
-6 more beginnings have been added to the list, but for now they are the same as 'Paying homage in Khuul'. (still working on the details for them)  
-Included Eisenfaust's patch.  
-Added in 'Random' option for beginnings.  
-Added in a 'Quick Beginning' option. Skips CharGen.  
-Added in a 'Normal Beginning' option. Lets you run through chargen as if nothing was changed (except for having to pick the package up from the table).

[Please see readme for further version history]