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                                               Aloros Ulvanis, Telvanni Companion

                                    Aloros can now heal himself, cure disease, and cast chameleon and fortify sneak spells for being Stealthy.
                                                   You can now swap places with Aloros, incase you or him get stuck ;)

                                                                 Featured on Morrowind Modding Showcases!

(Tribunal and Bloodmoon DLC required!) This Companion Mod adds a new Telvanni spellsword to the Gateway inn in Sadrith Mora,  Aloros Ulvanis, with a unique Telvanni Armor set. Learn Aloros' rich backstory, with plentiful dialog options about everything, and even learn about a huge mishap that changed Aloros' life, and do a favor for Aloros, to learn more about it. A great companion over-all, with In-depth companion commands from Grumpy's  Companion Project. -------------------------- How to ;-   You should have downloaded this from the nexus/other site. Good, now unzip the   compressed folder. Inside there should be a folder for Data Files.   Drag that 'Data Files' folder into your Morrowind directory, where Morrowinds   other 'Data Files' folder is. It should give you a pop-up message. Hit 'Yes to all'.   Now that that's done, open up Morrowind. Click Data Files, and check off the   'Aloros' armor' and 'Aloros Companion'. Once those are enabled, save, exit, and start    your game.
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-------------------------- CREDITS;
  Aloros' armor by; Stavroguin
  Grumpy's Companion Project for Companion template