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Telvanni Cephalopod armor and robe by Danke.

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UPDATE! Cephalopod Armor for Telvanni Guards by Corsair83, check out the optional files.


This mod adds a complete Telvanni Cephalopod armor set including a proper robe for the stylistically confident wizard of the extreme east. It was created by Danke, I've just added a missing icon, tweaked placement and uploaded it with his permission.

You can find the light armor + robe in a crate in the upper tower of Tel Naga. You need a Wizard rank among the Telvanni to claim it legally, but of course that's no prerequisite to open a crate. As you would expect, the Telvanni set is very suitable for enchantment. 


- The main DL is everything described above plus the fixed pauldron mesh by Greatness7 (since version 1.6).
- In the optional Gothren DL, there are only some alternative esp's which you can use instead of the one from the main DL if you want the Archmagister to wear armor/robe. There's a readme included to explain the four esp variations in detail. You need the main DL for all the meshes/textures.

- Corsair83 made another optional file which adds Cephalo armor to all Telvanni Guards. There are two versions, both with robe and without. You can use one of those esp's additionally or instead of everything above. The main DL is required for meshes/textures. 
This mod aims to correct something that has bothered many players for more than a decade... the lack of any original armor or look for the Telvanni guards! "Guard Edit" makes a few, seamless changes to the Telvanni guards and sharpshooters by removing the bonemold armor and replacing it with Danke's Cephalopod Armor set. To better reflect them using this new armor properly, the following edits were done to their skills; most cases a minor switch between light and heavy. [...] Additionally, a second version of the "Guard Edit" exists, wherein the Sorcercer robes were added to their inventory, and serves purely for visual reasons. Personally, I like the robed version. It adds to the "our magic is better than yours" vibe, and the overall hallucinatory quality of Sadrith Mora.