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This is a player home for a high-level "evil" type character. Yes evil characters are overdone these days, but when I created this, you hardly had options to play as any type of evil character, much less own a fortress for them.

You are free to explore the island, but if you want the key to the front door...

Permissions and credits
This is a player home for a high-level mage or wizard, leaning towards the darkside.  Yes evil characters are overdone these days, but when I created this, you hardly had options to play as any type of evil character, much less own a fortress for them.

You are free to explore the island, but if you want the key to the front door...

Devil's Rock for Vivec's Soul
by Illtempered

Azura has struck a secret deal with the Mages Guild.  They are fortifying an ancient stronghold last used by Almalexia's forces after they
drove back the invaders.  The stronghold is locked with a powerful enchantment by Azura.  You must kill Lord Vivec and trap his soul,
after aquiring Azura's Star.  Vivec's soul is your housekey.  Resist the temptation to use it to enchant something right away.  There are
other doors deep within the mountain that have the same enchantment on them, and are meant to be opened only by the holder of Vivec's soul.
If you must use it to enchant something, alternate ways in and out will develop.

Installation:  Just unzip everything into your Morrowind/Data Files folder.  Everything should go to the proper directories, but it's always
                    a good idea to double-check.

Location:  The location is far to the NE, off the map.  You can try sailing there, but many sailors have tried, and never returned.  Visit
                the Ferryman ouside of the Shrine of Azura for a ride when you are ready.

Additions and Credits, in no particular order
New textures from Albedo's LandscapeRemix_v2 and the MWVisual Pack(Khalazza production).  Much nicer looking imo.  I should have included
these in the original esp so that those without the textures could have seen them.  They will not replace your default textures, just the
ones on Devils Rock.

Daedric Castle towers by AnOldFriend.  Big thanks to him and Nigedo for helping me with the texturing of the mesh.

A squatter.  After you kick his butt off your land, you can put out his campfire, by taking it, and take his bedroll and lootbags.

Fairies, cats, bats, snakes, spiders, and display cases by LadyE and Proudfoot.  Pro work all the way.

Photodragons from bc sounds (dragon flies) whom I can't find credit for, sry )=

Experimental easter eggs.  There are a few experimental items that may be a little buggy.  Paper that you cant pick up, but can move around
with the shield placer script.  You can take it out of chests, but once you put it down, it can only be moved via the script.  Some items
I've made holdable like a bottle, broom, armorers hammer, among others.  Some may clip a little in third person, or look strange.  I left
them in because some look good in first person, or look better in third with some custom races I've tested with.  Either way, they're mostly
for decoration.

Dragon statues from the Dragon Statues Modder's Pack by Miltiades that I retextured Daedric style.

Black skull from the Black Skull Minimod by wytch.

I took the script from Monica21's 'Shield Placer' and added it to a bunch of things.  Now they can all be rotated and positioned in-game
via a menu interface.  The script was originally developed by Dracus Dragani.  Vorwoda_the_Black modified it to it's current state.

Calder Ross/Niero, and Canadian Ice for smoother bodies and Astarsis for better heads.

Ghoul's Tapestries add some of the finishing touches to the interiors.  I've taken four of them and added Vorwoda_the_Black's shield
placer script.  Now you have a few dark pinups you can hang where you'd like.  I've been selfish though and kept the best looking ones as
statics =P  They look so good.

Magecraft Cuirass by Dagoth Zeno.  Very high enchant, but low armor robe for spellcasters.  Looks like a robe, but is actually a cuirass.
He had an ingenious way of fixing the clipping boots and gauntlets with robes.  Set the robe not only to chest to forearms and ankles, but
with no mesh assigned.  This just makes those parts that clipped invisible.  

SkyDye's tapestries of NuclearDope's and my screenshots.

Arrow regeneration script that I modified, by Ilium from Aragon's Bow.

Retextured Officer's Adamantium helm from Helios Keep by Sauron256

Hood and Crown by MarcusX

A golden lamp retextured by Korana.

A mesh for a crystal ball from Killgore's Home Furnishings V1.1 by Killgore Killack, and SlowRide for his avatar.

Leiawen's beautiful black wizard hat. Now, with the shield placer script so you can hang it back up.

Thanks to Don the Dunmer for inspiring me with the idea to make Vivec's soul your housekey, after reading about his Nerevarine Fortress
that won't open until you defeat Dagoth Ur.  

Thanks to Trylobit for inspiration with Daedra Manor.  I started this before I ever played Daedra Manor, but It influenced the final
shape that it took.  I'm sorry he didn't have any contact information in his readme to ask his permission.  I've used his icons and idea
for the placeable museum displays stands.

Spoilers:  If you need them just contact me at:
[email protected] or pm Illtempered on the TES forum.