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Adds some Dunmer armor to the game that I made for my overhaul project: Of Ash and Blight.

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OAAB Armor Preview
by Melchior Dahrk


You can buy the armor pieces from a new trader in Ald-ruhn. He is standing outside of the Council Club.
The armor uses vanilla textures so it will work with texture replacers like Darknut or Saint_Jiub's armor textures.

Armor added by this mod:
Blue Bug Armor: Same quality as chitin but with better enchantment potential
Green Bug Armor: Lighter and stronger than chitin
Various Bonemold Pauldrons with some on-the-back accessories
29 bonemold helm variants
Dunmer Iron Armor: Marginally lighter and higher enchantment potential than standard iron
Boiled Netch Leather Pauldrons


Of Ash and Blight is an overhaul mod I am working on for Morrowind. It aims to make the world of Morrowind a more dangerous and "dunmeri" place. Since OAAB is on the backburner while I finish Lyithdonea, I have decided to release these armors after many requests for them over the last few years.

You can use this armor in your own Morrowind mods, but please give me credit where it is due.